Hair Removal Creams Review

Laser Hair Removal


As a Nutritional Therapist working in the field of natural health, I am sometimes asked for my opinion about beauty products. Hair Removal Cream is a common item people want to know about.

I always begin by explaining how the skin is the largest organ of the body, and has a high absorbency capability. Nature has a fantastic way of controlling that absorbency with a protective mechanism, a kind of barrier to substances that are very harmful once inside the body.

Eating something is different from applying it to the skin because the digestive system is considered ‘outside’ of the body.

The intestinal barrier is far more selective than the skin. The next point I like to make regarding Hair Removal Creams is that hair is a stricture composed of a tough proteinous tissue called keratin, and if the ingredients of a lotion or cream are able to break the bonds holding a tough protein together, what could these same chemicals break down in the body beneath the skin after they have absorbed into it? If a chemical can turn keratin into a jelly- like substance, I would not like it to have access to my softer tissue!

4 Things to Consider Before Using Hair Removal Cream

1. All Hair Removal Creams contain alcohol. Even the ‘odourless’ types, and for the non- odourless I often wonder how come people think it is safe to put something that smells so bad on their skin! Product manufacturers use alcohol in their lotions and potions for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, alcohol changes the aesthetics of the product by making it appear weightless, especially if the virgin cream is rather thick and heavy to begin with; we experience a pleasant sensation when a product is light on our skin. One explanation for this ‘pleasure seeking’ in choosing a Hair Removal Cream is that alcohol increases your skin’s absorption of other helpful ingredients like vitamin C and Retinol (vitamin A).

This makes Alcohol sound like a health-promoting ingredient right? NO! The increased absorption of nourishing vitamins occurs because the alcohol destroys the natural barrier in the skin that filters, selectively, what to allow in and what to keep out. In the long term, the skin’s barrier will not protect you from the entry of harmful substances.

Did you ever wonder why 1) your skin feels so soft and supple straight after using Hair Removal Cream?

And 2) Why it feels dry, sometimes flakes, and loses that silky feeling even before the hair regrows? In number one you have increased nourishment to the skin and in two your skin’s barrier is weakened.

2. Hair Removal Cream is not permanent answer to unwanted hair. It’s cheap when buying one jar but can work out quite costly in the long run, for something that is damaging your skin at the same time! If a jar costs £5 and you use a jar every 3 months of your life between ages 20 and 40, that is £400 and many women begin Hair Removal early in their teens and most women do not suddenly become happy about the hair once they hit 40! So the £400 over 20 years is a very conservative estimate.

3. Due to the destruction of the skin’s barrier, especially if used for many years, Hair Removal Cream actually speeds up the ageing of your skin. 40 is not a cut-off birthday for caring what you look like.

4. Hair Removal Creams are an antiquated method today, with far-reaching consequences for healthy glowing skin, not to mention the toxic effects inside your body. If you want to maximise your skin’s youthful appearance, including being hairless, and maintain that for life, I highly recommend a qualified, experienced, expert Laser Hair Removal Technicality.

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