Hairy women

Laser Hair Removal

Hairy women – what can you do about it?

Being a hairy woman can be a really uncomfortable feeling! With modern day culture being a pretty hair free affair any excess hair can leave you feeling not confident, not sexy and not comfortable in your own skin. You should be able to wear whatever you want at any time and feel completely free!

Unfortunately a lot of hair removals only help for such a short time or in fact can stimulate hair growth, leave you with rashes, stubble, ingrown hairs and the list goes on. None on which really help you to feel confident in yourself. You shouldn’t have to time when you can wear dresses or short sleeve tops. Your face should be a point of pride; not a worry such as if that mustache has grown back!

So how to avoid all these hair problems and achieve the body that you want! The answer is now there for you. Laser hair removal. This is a PERMANENT hair removal method. Meaning that once your course of treatments is over you actually will not have to worry about hair removal ever again!

Hair removal shouldn’t have to be about bleaching, plucking, trimming, shaving, waxing and epilating over and over again! Laser hair removal takes approximately 6-10 appointments and at the end of the course of treatments you will have between 60-95% of the hair permanently gone- truly never to return! And if you want to push it to the 100% mark you only have to get yourself into some more treatments to truly reach 100%!

Not only that, but laser hair removal works on all skin types and on any part of your body! So whether it is facial hair that is really bothering you, a hair back, hairy bum or your legs all of it can go – leaving you never to worry about being a hairy woman again!