How to combat Ingrown Hairs

Laser Hair Removal

How laser hair removal combats ingrown hairs

Many of us struggle with ingrown hairs from the current hair removal methods. Waxing, shaving, epilating etc can all cause ingrown hairs as well as leaving the skin bumpy and irritated. Ingrown hairs are caused by the hair curling or growing sideways into the skin.

This can lead to infection, nasty bumps and skin pigmentation. So, what is the solution? Laser hair removal targets the hair follicle and destroys it. Once the hair grows and falls out, new hair follicles grow, which are much less coarse and less likely to become ingrown. In the long run it permanently reduces the hair and therefore eliminates ingrown hairs. 

With laser hair removal we are usually able to achieve after 2 to 3 sessions. This also includes getting rid of the bumps and skin pigmentation caused by ingrown hairs. Many of our clients are happy to see their pigmentation return to normal and the rashes and bumps completely cleared up. 

Ingrown hairs occur in many areas of the body for both men and women. Some of the more common areas for women are the bikini line and face. For men it is also very common on the face or neck as the hair is extremely coarse. All the above areas are suitable for laser hair removal and have a high success rate in our clients due to the coarseness of the hair.  

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