How to tackle a Shaving Rash

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How to tackle a Shaving Rash

In these current times women are shaving more than ever. Legs, underarms, bikini and sometimes other places and it is not every so often but a really regular practice as shaving only removes hair for a few days!

When you were younger and started shaving it may have seemed like a great idea. Smooth, hair free and quick and easy in the shower! After having shaved for a few years you may have realised this is a flawed system!

Every time I shave I don’t know about you but it seems to come back faster and thicker than before (though apparently the thicker is only imagined….but we know what we see don’t we ladies!) But that aside what is definitely a side effect of shaving is ingrown hairs and shaving rash.

Shaving rash is actually caused because of when you shave part of the hair is left behind in the follicle and when it starts to grow back it can curl back into the skin. So shaving rash is actually caused mostly by ingrowing hairs.

When you look for solutions for shaving rash, often the main solution given is to not shave so close to the skin so a part of the hair is left outside of the skin. That means when it grows back it can’t curl inside. The only problem with this is it sort of defeats the point…stubble is not the look you are going for!

So how do you handle it!? Well I highly recommend Laser hair removal. Laser hair removal has absolutely no side effects of shaving rash or ingrown hairs and in fact is the best form of hair removal for any form of skin sensitivities. Laser hair removal can be done all over the body and so is excellent for the bikini area which is most prone to shaving rash and that horrible post shaving irritation! The bonus of Laser hair removal as well is that after your course of treatments the hair is removed permanently which means you won’t ever need to worry about shaving rash again!