Laser Hair Reduction

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Reduction

Laser hair removal has grown and grown in popularity as a permanent hair removal method over the last few years but not as many people know about the other great use that these lasers can be put to.

And that is laser hair reduction. In certain cases a complete removal of hair may not be what you are looking for. An example of this could be arms for women or the chest or shoulders for a man. Where there is excessive hair it can be unconformable and not so sexy but equally having no hair at all can feel rather strange and not necessarily be the look you are going for.

This is where laser hair reduction can fit in so perfectly. The technique is the same as laser hair removal and so are the individual treatments. The simple change is that the course of treatments is not continued on until the state of ‘no hair re-growing’, instead after a few appointments a large percentage of the hair will have stopped re-growing and leave you with just the right distribution of hair. No longer feeling like a hairy monster but equally not feeling strangely hair free and bald. Just a nice natural middle ground. You and your laser practitioner can keep an eye on the level of re-growth of hair following each treatment so that the treatments can be completed at the right time for you.

There are certain places such as the bikini line or underarms where this is unlikely to be suitable but on any average body part especially for men such as legs, arms, chest, back and shoulders this is the ideal way to remove just enough hair to get yourself feeling confident again.

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