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Hair Removal with Laser for Dark Skin

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The safest most effective laser hair removal for dark skin

With laser hair removal becoming increasingly popular, it’s very important to choose the right laser and a reliable clinic. Especially when it comes to laser hair removal on dark skin, this is because of the photosensitivity of dark skin.

Laser hair removal involves applying a powerful beam to the skin, this is then absorbed by the melanin (pigment) in the hair follicles, without damaging the surrounding skin tissue. This destroys the hair follicle and therefore significantly reduces it’s growth.

Different skin types have different concentrations of melanin, the darker the skin, the more melanin present. The Nd:Yag laser has a longer wavelength and better pigment selectivity compared to other lasers. The Nd:Yag laser bypasses the top layers of skin and penetrates the hair follicle without picking up the melanin in the surrounding skin, making it a safe option for dark skin.

The Nd:Yag laser is therefore a much more effective approach to laser hair removal on darker skin compared to other methods such as the Alexandrite Laser and IPL. Some of the most popular areas include the bikini and under arms.

These areas are particularly sensitive due to the density of hair and higher concentrations of melanin in these areas. Have you ever noticed the skin is darker in these areas? Because of this factor it’s extremely important to use the correct laser to avoid damaging the skin. Shaving and waxing these areas can also cause skin pigmentation. Laser hair removal can significantly reduce this pigmentation. Our clients therefore benefit not only from the hair removal process but also a reduction in skin pigmentation.

It’s also important to choose a clinic with experience treating dark skin, due to the sensitive aspect of dark skin to lasers. At the Pulse Light Clinic, we have treated thousands of clients of all skin types with great results. You safety is our top priority and with the Gentle Max Pro Nd:Yag laser we are able to achieve fantastic results.

Laser hair removal: What to expect

laser hair removal treatments

Laser hair removal is becoming increasingly popular, why? We now have the technology to significantly reduce hair growth by up to 80-90% permanently. Shaving, waxing, epilating and other methods of hair removal all have their downsides not to mention they are for life. These other methods leave your skin irritated, bumpy, cause skin pigmentation and ingrown hairs. Now with laser, what’s the catch? There isn’t one. Initially you may believe laser hair removal is expensive, however, if you break down how much one spends on razors, or waxing sessions you will be very surprised. Laser hair removal is more economical in the long run, not to mention the time saved in your daily routine when you don’t have to worry about shaving.

Now, if you are considering laser hair removal here is what to expect.

Initially we will do a free consultation with one of our senior practitioners. In which they will explain the process including the after care. They will also conduct a skin patch test on each area you would like to treat.

  • After your 1 session of laser hair removal the hair will grow back slowly over the next couple of weeks, at which point it will fall out. For the next few weeks you will have little or no growth. Once the hair does grow, the thickness will have already been reduced. That’s right on the first session you can already enjoy reduced growth and reduced thickness.
  • After 3 sessions of laser hair removal you should expect a change in skin texture with the skin becoming healthier and smoother and any ingrown hairs significantly reduced, if not gone.
  • After your 4th session of laser hair removal you should see little to no hair growth for 6-8 weeks. The hair should grow in patches and the thickness significantly reduced.
  • By session 5-7 you should see 60-80% reduction of growth for thicker hair and 40-60% for finer hair
  • By the 8th session you should be 80-90% reduction. At this point we will review your progress and suggest a plan to go forward.

Some clients book top up sessions immediately and some only have a few hairs grow in the area for the next 2 years. Hormone changes and other changes in one’s body affects how much growth you get in the future however this is easily managed with a top up session. Interested? Book in your free consultation now!

Laser hair removal different areas

With laser hair removal there is no limitation as to which areas of the body we can treat. The only limitation is the thickness and colour of the hair. In order for the laser to pick up the hair follicle, the hair must be dark. Therefore, we can treat black and brown hair. If you wish to treat blonde or white hairs the best alternative is electrolysis. Then there is the thickness. Laser hair removal works best on coarse, thick hair. However, it also works for finer hair. Laser is not suitable for very fine hair or “peach fuzz”, it simply doesn’t pick up the hair if it is too fine. However, our practitioners are very experienced and can recommend the best course of treatment for what you are trying to achieve.

The most popular areas for laser hair removal are lower legs, bikini and under arms. These areas usually have coarse, dark hair and are therefore perfect for laser hair removal. Our clients are usually recommended a course of 8 sessions on these areas and by the 8th session have 80-90% reduction.

At Pulse Light Clinic London we offer free laser removal consultations at all our clinics, if you are interested in laser and you have dark skin, please visit this page to book in or view more information.