Laser Hair Removal For Dark Skin Types

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal For Dark Skin Types

Laser hair removal treatment can be a great choice for those with darker skin; as those with certain skin types have a tendency to be hairier than others, and laser hair removal actually works best on darker hair. Lasers are configured to safely treat all skin types, and can be used on virtually any area of the body.

Common treatment areas for women include the top lip, chin, neck, cheeks, eyebrows, chest and abdomen as well as the underarms, bikini line, legs, fingers and toes. For men, the more common treatment areas include the upper arms, nose, eyebrows, back, above the line of the beard and the ears.

No matter which body part you’re having treated, you will need multiple treatment sessions to see results as the laser gets to grips with destroying the follicles. After the first few you’ll notice that the hair does grow back, but this will be reduced as time goes on until, eventually, the hair loss becomes permanent.

Things to consider before choosing laser hair removal

There are several things to consider before going under the laser. These include:

Choosing a technician. Under qualified technicians could make mistakes, so make sure yours has all the necessary certifications.

The pain factor. While advances in technology mean laser hair removal has become infinitely less uncomfortable over the years, it is not completely painless. You may hear it described as like being scratched by a cat, or having an elastic band repeatedly twanged against your skin.

You will not be able to pluck or wax for several weeks before your first treatment, so if this is your preferred method of hair removal you will have to switch to shaving as hair cannot be pulled out by the root in advance of laser treatment. You’ll need to shave 24 hours in advance too.

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