Laser hair removal – getting the right laser

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Laser hair removal – getting the right laser

Getting laser hair removal isn’t as straightforward as just laying back and getting zapped – there are other factors to be taken into account. One of the most important questions to answer is this; which type of laser machine will be best for you?

At Pulse Light Clinic we have four different types of laser machine, so we’re confident in our ability to make the right choice for each and every one of our clients, guaranteeing the best possible results. The decision about which machine we’ll use for your treatment will be made at your initial consultation, where your technician will do a patch test to see which of the lasers works best on your hair and skin type.

Our laser machines:

As mentioned above, at Pulse Light Clinic we have 2 different types of laser hair removal machine. They are:

NDYAG – Ideal for dark and Asian skin types, this laser poses no risk to the pigment of the skin, making treatments much more effective. It’s also effective on deeper hair follicles such as those on the chin, bikini line and back.

Alexandrite – The strongest type of laser with the fastest results, used most often on lighter skin types. Very effective on finer, harder to treat hair.