Laser Hair Removal Myth Busting

Laser Hair Removal

With Laser Hair Removal now having been around for a long time certain myths have built up around it and become ‘facts’. Well time to bust some of those myths and get you the truth! Here are four of the most common ones that I have found.

  1. It is very painful!

False! Sure there is some pain but most people say it hurts less than waxing! Like with anything this varies from person to person and certain areas are more sensitive than others but in fact it is a totally bearable discomfort.

  1. It is really expensive!

False! Sure it doesn’t cost pennies but it is nothing crazy that is going to empty out your wallet. The price varies depending on the size of the area being treated. You can get package discounts making it cheaper and many clinics even have finance options so it really is affordable to anyone.

  1. It takes forever!

False! An individual treatment does not take much time at all. Of course this varies on the size of the area being treated, a mustache may only take 5 minutes whereas a whole back could take half an hour. You do need a gap between treatments of about 6 weeks because the hair goes through a growth cycle and you cannot effectively zap the hairs in the resting cycle but after your course of treatments you are generally done for life.

  1. It will damage my skin!

False! These lasers are developed by scientists specifically to not damage your skin. The laser light goes through your skin and hits the melanin directly in the hairs. That way the damage is directed straight to the hair follicle, with the effect of stopping the hair re-growing while the skin itself is left undamaged. You may experience some redness or slight soreness following a treatment but that goes away rapidly.

Do you have any other ‘facts’ that you want to get checked out? Let us know.