Laser Hair Removal Questions

Laser Hair Removal

If you have been considering Laser Hair Removal but have some laser hair removal questions or worries and are just not quite sure, then read on

  • Does it work with all hair colours?

Laser hair removal is effective of all hair colours except for grey. So dark, blond or ginger come in and get those hairs removed! The grey hairs contain no melanin and so the lasers cannot tackle these.

  • Does it work on all skin types?

Yes, there are now effective lasers for all skin types whether light or dark. Just check out that the clinic you choose has a suitable laser for your skin type. There are specially designed lasers for darker skin types.

  • Does it hurt?

A little yes, but it is totally a bearable pain. You will not find the need for numbing or topical anaesthetics. It feels a bit like having an elastic band pinged against your skin. Most people say waxing is more painful.

  • Can the laser be used anywhere on the body?

Yes, it works on the face and all areas of the body. The only area off limits is anything too close to the eye, this is to not risk having the powerful laser being too close to the eyes. Eyebrows however are totally fine.

  • How will the area look after the treatment?

You may have some redness, minor swelling or soreness but all of this diminishes fairly rapidly and the area will look normal. You will after a few hours or days see little hairs start to fall out, usually when you wash.

  • Will the hair grow back?

Generally no, once you have completed a full course of treatments then this should be permanent. Occasionally as time goes by you may want to get a touch-up treatment. Hormonal changes such as pregnancy and menopause can cause the hair to re-grow occasionally.

  • Are there any links between use of the laser and cancer?

No, this is because the laser only uses of beams of light and these beams don’t penetrate any further into the body than the hair follicle itself, so in fact there is nothing reaching your organs.

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