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Laser Hair Removal with AliceXT

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We had Alice Thompson in to trial laser hair removal and give her thoughts on the treatment. Alice has grown her Instagram with her bold and powerful makeup looks during her time studying biomedical science. As an expert with trialling formulas and the best products, we loved having Alice in to hear her thoughts on the leading technology we provide at Pulse Light Clinic.

Alice XT influencer Laser Hair Removal“I am Asian, so I have dark, thick hair. I wouldn’t suffer from the worst ingrown hairs but it was uncomfortable and half an hour later I would have stubble again. If I calculate how much I would spend on waxing and shaving in a lifetime it surpasses getting laser. It’s definitely an investment.”

It was around Halloween when Alice started her Laser Hair Removal journey. She found Pulse Light Clinic through Instagram but even she is a well-known influencer in beauty she decided to join as a paid customer because she wanted to offer an honest review to her audience of our services. Alice purchased eight sessions of the Bikini package with one area of choice and she decided that she would like to do the perianal.

She had taken footage of how the treatment works but due to an unpredicted issue with her hard drive she lost the files. The procedure she did was to book a phone consultation, and she liked that here at Pulse Light we provide many options to book a consultation.

Watch the video below as Alice shares all the questions she wanted to answer before starting laser hair removal treatments at Pulse Light Clinic.