Samantha Maria, Youtuber talking about her laser hair removal on underarms

Laser Hair Removal with Samantha Maria

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We had Samantha Maria trial laser hair removal in london and give her thoughts on the trending treatment. Samantha Maria is also known as The Beauty Crush for followers from the start of her blogging and YouTube days. As a beauty guru that has trialed and tested many products and brands, we loved having Samantha in to hear her thoughts on the treatment.

She had her underarms and just started her bikini. She suggests that Laser Hair Removal treatment is something to be done, and also that it was the best treatment she had for her skin.

Samantha Maria influencer


I have always struggled with having dark underarms, even after getting rid of all the hair they still used to be dark. They have lightened up so much after getting laser hair removal. It makes daily life so much easier as the hair is not growing back all the time and I don’t always have to be shaving!”



She was struggling with dark armpits but even she was shaving and removing all the hair the area was still dark. Although she showed improvement and the skin lightened up after the treatments she did.  She feels that her daily life has become so much easier because her hair isn’t growing anymore and shaving is not in her routine.  Her skin on the bikini line even with one session is much improved already and will continue the treatments to get the best results.

Watch the video below as Samantha shares her experience and results with our laser hair removal treatments.