Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

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‘Does laser hair removal work?’ is a common question that people have.

Luckily the answer is quite simple really – it is YES!

Laser hair removal works by targeting strong laser light directly onto the area containing unwanted hair. This laser light will cause the entire hair under the skin to burn. The collateral heat from that pulse of light, will cause the blood vessels supplying the hair with nutrients to burn and coagulate, which either severely damages or completely seals off the blood supply in the hair follicle.

Though this sounds bad, this makes it more difficult and sometimes impossible for the hair to get enough nutrients to ever grow again. Therefore, stopping a regrowth of those hairs – exactly what we want!

So as you can see, exactly what happens to each hair follicle varies depending on the burning, coagulation and nutrient situation. This is why, at first there is patchy regrowth, as some follicles have been sufficiently damaged and others have not. We fully looked into the reality of ‘Does laser hair removal work?’ before, and the scientific studies that have been done, check out that blog here,it gives the percentage of reduction and permanent removal of hairs throughout a course of treatments.

IPL on the other hand is unsuitable as a hair removal method because it loses too much energy before the hair follicle can be destroyed, making it not in the same league as the powerful hair removal lasers.

Laser hair removal is suitable on all skin colours and types, for men and women and it can be used all over the face and body (with the exception of, a close vicinity to the eyes).

I hope that answered your question of ‘Does laser hair removal work?’

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