Laser Hair Removal Works For Asian Skin

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair removal Works for Asian skin

You may be wondering as an Asian man or women whether or not you can receive laser hair removal. With darker hair, unwanted hair can be a real problem.

If you want the hair removed for reasons of confidence, embarrassment, self-esteem or just the next beauty step you are in luck because the only permanent method of getting up to 90 % hair reduction.

In the past Laser hair removal was only available for people with light skin and dark hair due to the laser picking up the melatonin in the skin; people with darker skin were still stuck shaving, waxing and epilating that hair away but as technology has developed and expanded this is no longer the case and the lasers can now work on any skin type.

Asian skin can of course really vary in colour, if you are Asian and light skinned you are in luck because with your dark hair you have the easiest route to success with the laser. If you have darker skin you can still receive the permanent benefits of Laser hair removal but here are a few pointers to follow.

  •  Always get a patch test. This is a test on a very small area of skin to ensure your skin and the laser are compatible.
  • Ensure the laser being used is appropriate for your skin type. Just ask the practitioner and if you are still unsure you can get a list of which Lasers are compatible with dark Asian skin quite easily online.
  • Ask questions. Don’t go through your laser hair removal wondering… a professional practitioner will always be able to help.

So those of you with Asian skin can now join the ranks going hair free.

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