Men with hairy backs

Laser Hair Removal

Men – what to do if you have a hairy back!

With male grooming now a thing more and more men are wondering what is the right level of looking after yourself and not just being a vain-fool. For a lot of men it feels like quite a fine line.

It really does depend on how hairy you are though doesn’t it. To women it is always said do what makes you feel confident and sexy in yourself and I think the same should go for men. All sorts of hair things are trending for men with beards still in full swing and now the top-not..!

What about body hair though…back hair seems to be considered the top of un-sexy body hair! So if you are a man plagued by a back hair and starting to feel like a gorilla what should you do?

First and most important warning – do not shave it!! You know that stubble on your face when your hair grows back after shaving…that is what you will get on your back after shaving a few times. Now if back hair is a turn off I think we can all agree that back stubble would be a hell of a lot worse.

Next is waxing…this is an option. You certainly won’t get stubble so that is a plus. The other plus is that you will be hair free for a good few weeks. The minuses are though waxing hurts…and don’t go being macho thinking as a man you will be fine…it is going to hurt! Second minus really is you are going to have to keep getting waxed for life. It will have to be part of your regular routine…back waxing!

Lastly you can get up to 90 % hair reduction with Laser Hair removal. At first you may be thinking this is a little extreme and you don’t want to fall into feeling foolish about it all. But here is why I think it is your best option. It is permanent! That means you get a course of treatments (6-12) and bam you are done! That means it is something that you go through and then your back is smooth and hair free and handling your hairy back doesn’t need to become a life long routine.

For more information about laser hair removal for men, please visit this page.