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PCOS Laser Hair Removal Case Study

Laser Hair Removal

Lucy Dawe, senior hair removal consultant for over 7 years has mentioned the following regarding laser hair removal for PCOS clients:

All skin types suffer from PCOS syndrome, especially darker skin types. This can have a really detrimental effect on the client due to the fact that darker skin types are more likely to get hyperpigmentation from excessive shaving and waxing.

Clients are aware that they need multiple sessions when it comes to the face even without PCOS syndrome. The face is the hardest place on the body to treat due to the number of hormones that affect the growth of hair. Most clients with PCOS will require maintenance sessions for many years after having a course of treatment. After just a few sessions they’ll see an excellent result on the thickness of the hair and also on the shaving, so they’ll only be shaving at least once a month instead of once every couple of days like usual.

When clients come in with PCOS laser hair removal on the face the hair falls out after a week of each session and then the skin should be really smooth for about three weeks. Just before they come in for the next session they’ll just start to see the hair coming through again but it’ll be noticeably finer and they’ll only have to shave a couple of times between the sessions. 

Laser hair removal is a great way to handle excessive hair growth especially with hormonal imbalances such as PCOS”. 

What brought you to Pulse Light Clinic?

“I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries since the age of 21 and I had hair bumps, dark spots, ingrown hairs, and it made me feel less of a woman. I was fed up with feeling insecure about my image being at work, I didn’t want to be there I was so depressed. I work in a hospital and going to work every day was a struggle because all I could see was hair and I had to put on a lot of makeup. Hospital lights are not your friend, just put it that way. My self esteem was really low at that point”.

How did you find the treatments?

“The treatments were very comfortable and very effective. At first, I saw results in the first week, and saved me from shaving every two days actually. Before I had ingrown hairs which would leave me with patches on my face now there’s hardly anything. I thought the last treatment would hurt but actually, it just feels like a slight rubber band pinging on your skin and the cool air blowing helped as well. After the treatment, Aloe Vera gel was applied which helped cool my face”.

“I’ve had 8 sessions on my face and now there are bigger gaps in between my sessions, now I just have to keep up with my top ups every 8 weeks and I can apply a little bit of blush and foundation sometimes and I’m out the door”

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