Permanent Facial Hair Removal

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As a woman we can all safely say that we do not want facial hair, nor will we ever change our mind about wanting it. Men can keep the beards and moustaches for themselves!

With that in mind when you are looking for hair removal methods for facial hair why look for anything else other than, permanent facial hair removal? With permanent hair removal, it is never going to come back.

You will not be required to pluck, wax, bleach or whatever your current choice of hair removal is… for ever! Instead you will undergo a course of treatments that lead to permanent facial hair removal. As in, no more stray hairs, or slightly darkening upper lip or fuzzy cheeks…or whatever it is that you specifically may suffer from.

You may have guessed what hair removal method I am referring to; it is laser hair removal. Laser hair removal gives you that permanent facial hair removal technique that you have been looking for. On top of it being permanent it also has the perks of being affordable, not too painful and fast too.

With laser hair removal on the moustache, cheeks or chin you do not have to wait for those unwanted hairs to reappear before having another treatment, and right from your first treatments you will start to see a reduction of the hair growing back post treatment.

You cannot pluck, wax or epilate between laser treatments as the hair follicle needs to be in tact but you can bleach which is ideal for facial hair. This is because the hair outside the skin that we can see is not important for laser hair removal, it is the hair beneath the skin which is important.

That root of the hair will still be dark whether you bleach it or not. Thus allowing the laser to blast those roots and destroy the follicles, therefore allowing no more hairs to re-grow.

There is no better permanent facial hair removal method than laser hair removal. If you have any question on how the treatment works, then check out our Laser Hair Removal London page.