What to expect at your laser hair removal appointment

Laser Hair Removal

What to expect at your laser hair removal appointment

If you’ve decided the only way is laser hair removal, well – we don’t blame you. All that shaving, plucking, waxing or even epilating is time-consuming and downright annoying. Let us give you a wee rundown of what to expect from your appointment…

First things first: before you get to the point of being fuzz-free forever, you’ll likely have to be hairy for a while beforehand. Most people recommend avoiding waxing or tweezing for about six weeks before the procedure, but fret not – if you get desperate, shaving is allowed.

We should also warn you that yes, it’s likely going to hurt. Not a lot, but it will. Most people describe the pain as being somewhat like being twanged with a rubber band constantly, or like when you accidentally tweeze multiple hairs at once. If things get a little too much for you, don’t worry; just ask your technician and they’ll sort you out with a nice cooling cream or gel to take the edge off. Your skin may also look a little red afterwards, but the technology is a lot better than even a few years ago so you won’t look like you fell asleep in the sun for an entire afternoon, promise.

If you’re particularly blonde-haired, you may need to have your target hairs artificially darkened – the laser will work better that way.

And don’t forget now; laser hair removal takes multiple sessions before the hair loss becomes permanent, so don’t get into a flap once you see it start to grow back. Help the shedding process along by scrubbing dead hair away in the shower, and after a few treatments you’ll notice the regrowth getting less and less until, finally, the smooth skin you’ve always dreamed of becomes reality.

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