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Where Can I Get Laser Hair Removal In London?

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Laser hair removal treatments in London have come a long way since first developed, and now we have the Gentle Max Pro by Syneron Candela, the gold standard laser able to treat all skin types safely and effectively. The technology does not require gel, unlike older technologies, and has a built-in cryo cooling that blows cold air simultaneously with each laser pulse.

If you’ve been considering laser hair removal in London, you will have done your research to ensure you are getting the best results. Usually, laser hair removal will require a course of six to eight treatments or sometimes more if it is for the facial area or the client has PCOS. Each treatment will target a higher percentage of hair as the treatment plan continues, giving you up to 80% hair reduction. If you are worried about if laser hair removal is suitable for your skin type, ask your practitioner which settings they are using, the ND: YAG is best for darker skin types and Alexandrite for fair skin types.

At Pulse Light Clinic, we launched our first branch back in 2001. With three clinics within the City of London and West London, the clinic is quickly expanding. The Doctors and team of practitioners focus on achieving the best results for their clients with a range of leading technology to provide non-surgical and aesthetic treatments to target a range of skin and body conditions. In addition, as every individual is different and may require an alternative course of treatments, we offer free phone and in-clinic consultations with our senior practitioners and doctors to allow us to understand your goals and create a treatment plan for you. When you begin a course of laser hair removal, your practitioner will assess your results throughout your treatment. Typically, you can expect to have a treatment every 4-8 weeks, depending on your treatment area.

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