Why do we still have body hair

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Why do we still have body hair?

Have you ever wondered why we still have armpit and pubic hair despite the fact that all the rest of it seems to have dropped out as we evolved? And why does it persist on sticking around even though most of us go to great lengths to get rid? That pesky Mother Nature – is she winding us up? Does she like to see us suffer?

There are many wild and wacky theories out there; that it’s some sort of blanket for our sensitive bits (not a very effective one, especially for the guys), that it’s some sort of protection from dirt (again, really only applicable to the ladies) and that it’s protection against, er, friction when you’re getting down to business.

The leading theory is that the purpose of having pubic and underarm hair is to increase our chances of getting lucky. This theory has some basis in science; after all, this type of hair only shows up during puberty – is this an indicator that it’s really all about finding a compatible mate?

To be specific, the theory is that hair is there for the purpose of getting soaked in pheromones, that mysterious odourless secretion that apparently attracts people and lets them know you’re…interested. Everyone has their own individual pheromones, but studies have shown that those with similar secretions are often more attracted to each other. Ain’t that something!

Now once microbes have had their way with your pheromones, they do have a distinctive smell; the theory goes that because hair naturally lifts these secretions away from the skin, they’re better ventilated and smell stronger. Note: this does not mean you stink. The smell makes you more attractive, remember? And that’s why we still have body hair! Well, the ones who don’t shave/wax/pluck it all off anyway.

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