What is a ‘laser hair remover’? How does laser hair removal work anyway? Lasers on your skin, doesn’t that hurt!? These are some questions you may be wondering if you have only just come across the idea of laser hair removal.

I will give you some very simple answers to these questions in this blog. We have many on this site though so check out some of the other blogs if you want some more technical answers!

Firstly there is nothing specific called ‘Laser hair remover’ this could refer to any of the Lasers used by professional clinics to treat unwanted hair

. As technology has developed many different lasers have entered into the industry and you will find that certain lasers are better for certain skin or certain colours or types of hair to be treated.

There are also products advertised as laser treatment from home that this could refer to. Mostly these products are IPL which stands for Intense Pulsed Light which is slightly different to what we call ‘laser hair removal’.

Most of these products are not strong enough to have the same effect as the ones used in a clinic but they can be very good as top up methods or to tackle just a few stray hairs.

Laser hair removal simply works by pulsing out light set at the right frequency for your colour skin and hair and it hits the hair follicle and destroys it.

The melanin in the root of the hair is what it is attracted to and so it does not affect any surrounding tissue. You receive multiple treatments on the same area spaced out so that the root of the hair has time to grow back between treatments.

After a series of treatments the hair is gone and does not grow back. And the good news to your last question is that no it is not very painful, it is something like having an elastic band pinging on your skin but it is nothing unbearable.

I hope these answers help in your search for a good hair removal method.