People often wonder if laser hair treatment is right for them, if it will be effective or work with their particular combination of skin colour and type and hair colour and type. The good news is that there is such a wide variety of effective lasers on the market that this is really not an issue anymore, laser hair treatment is for everyone.

All you have to do is ensure that the clinic has the right laser for you. Here at Pulse Light Clinic we have four different lasers meaning that we can in fact treat all combinations of hair and skin types.

  • Laser hair treatment is ideal for all skin colours, whether you are pale white, rosy pink, a middling beige, chocolatey brown or midnight black there are now lasers that work for you.
  • There isn’t such a variety of skin types when not talking about colour but if your skin is overly sensitive, you have problems with scarring or healing then laser hair treatment may not be right for you. Get yourself in for a free consultation to get more personal advice.
  • Laser hair treatment is ideal for all hair colours, whether pale blond, strawberry blond, ginger, light brown, dark brown or black, there are now lasers that work for you. The only hair colour that lasers do not work on is grey.
  • Laser hair treatment is ideal for all hair types, whether straight, wavy, curly or tight ringlets. Whether fine and delicate, or thick and strong or anywhere in between the lasers still work on you.

I hope I put your mind at ease on laser hair treatment being effective for you. If you are still not certain or have any particular questions regarding Asian skin, Indian skin, dark skin, or hair removal for men then check out our main site for more information on that