Laser removal can in fact refer to many different treatments that use lasers such as removing tattoos, scars, treating rosacea and the list goes on. You will find that many laser clinics will treat many of these. Here I will talk about Laser hair removal.

Laser removal is the best new method for hair removal. As a permanent method it means that you do not have to spend your whole life in the shower with a shaver or waxing or all of the different methods used over and over again, day after day trying to win the constant battle against unwanted hair.

Now with Laser Removal you really can win that battle. With Laser removal you need about 10 sessions spread out with approximately a 6 week gap in between.

Each treatment will remove permanently a certain percentage of your hair and as you receive each treatment the amount of hair growing back decreases and decreases until you have nothing left.

There is almost nothing you need to know or do before you arrive to your treatment other than ensure you have picked yourself a good and professional clinic.

The important set-ups that you do need to know are these: your skin needs to be your natural colour (no tans) and you need to shave the area, not wax or pluck as the hair follicle needs to be in place for the laser to hit.

The main benefits of Laser removal are the fact that it is a permanent treatment, it has no side effects of ingrown hairs or rash or causing hair to re-grow faster.

On top of that the treatments are not out of your price range, are not too painful and do not take much time. I hope you have as good experience with Laser hair removal as I have.