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  • Leg Vein removal covering veins up to 4mm in width.
  • Improves Campbell de Morgan Spots.
  • Advanced lasers to treat all skin types.
  • Over 21 years of expertise in leg vein removal & rosacea.
  • Doctor and nurse-led clinic.
  • 4 clinics in central London, Bank, Liverpool Street, Tottenham Court Road & Marylebone.
  • Free consultations.

Leg Vein Removal Treatment Prices

  • Thread Vein Removal Treatment

Thread Vein Prices


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Leg Vein Removal

Leg veins are another name for a thread or spider veins that are found on the legs. Leg veins are tiny blood vessels that are running close to the surface of the skin, making red or purple wiggly lines. Leg veins are not broken but rather just slightly dilated. The technical name for them is telangiectasia.

Leg veins often develop as a person ages. This is because our skin and blood vessels become more elastic and the valves start to weaken. This causes the blood to occasionally flow back down the legs rather than up back to the heart. Thus causing the veins or capillaries to dilate.

Women are 10% more likely to develop leg veins than men. This is partly because the condition is often caused by hormonal changes associated with menopause and pregnancy. Though there are other factors that can cause the development of leg veins such as being overweight, too much sun exposure and certain medications, it is also possible to see it running in families.

IPL works to treat leg veins by firing short bursts of light of different wavelengths onto the affected area. This light is absorbed by the hemoglobin in the leg veins causing those blood vessels damage. Eventually, the veins break down and are reabsorbed by the body. IPL effectively treats leg veins while minimising harmful effects to surrounding healthy tissue.

IPL for leg vein removal is effective for:

  • Thread veins
  • Large leg veins
  • Campbell De Morgan Spots

* results may vary from person to person

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Leg Vein Removal FAQ's

What happens in an individual treatment?

A smooth gel is applied to the area being treated and then the IPL applicator is placed on the skin and short pulses of light are fired. The applicator is moved over the whole of the affected area in the same manner. Once the whole area is treated the gel will be wiped off and a soothing aftercare cream may be applied.

How many treatments are needed?

Typically, 3 to 5 treatments give the best possible results, although small red veins may be cleared in just a single session.

How far apart is it necessary to place treatments?

IPL treatments on leg veins are spaced usually 12 weeks apart. This gives your body time to heal. Once you are in for your next treatment we can see if the same vein(s) need to be treated again or if there have been any new ones produced.

Is there any aftercare recommended?

Yes, for 12 hours following the treatment baths, saunas and perfumed products should be avoided. The area having been treated must stay out of the sun for 4 weeks following the treatment, or if this is impossible then a strong sunscreen needs to be applied. Aloe Vera can be applied for its soothing and healing properties.

What equipment do you use for leg vein removal ?

We use the gold standard in vascular treatments (leg veins and thread vein removal) for rapid and easy treatments leaving skin smoother and even-toned. With the options of ND: Yag (1064) for darker skin types and either Alexandrite (755nm) or Mixed Modality for lighter skin types.

Liverpool St. Clinic

0207 593 8055
11 Artillery Lane, London, E1 7LP
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