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Live Acne

Includes: 3 HydraFacial or 6 LED + 3 IPL + 1 LaseMD

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Live Acne Treatment Package in London

Acne is a common skin condition that affects most people at some point. Dead cells, oil, and products can clog the hair follicles and make them worse by the bacteria living on the skin. More commonly appearing on the face, chest, back and buttocks, it can cause redness, pigmentation and scarring if left untreated.

Live acne can be challenging to treat as the cause of acne is different for different clients. Teenage acne can be triggered by hormones such as an increase in Testosterone, which affects the oil glands in the skin. However, as we age, adult acne can be attributed to food intolerances, medication (including steroids), contraception, periods, pregnancy and PCOS.

Some of these causes are not treatable; however, managing your diet effectively and using skin treatments can help reduce the symptoms of live acne.
Since we began, Pulse Light Clinic has offered food intolerance testing, as we noticed a considerable correlation between skin health and food. For example, milk protein allergies and high levels of refined sugars can worsen live acne quite considerably. Having a reliable laboratory test to rule out food intolerances supports your long-term journey to skin health.

Treatments for live acne are rare due to the complexity of the condition. We have designed a combination of our top live acne treatments to help repair inflammation and marks left behind by live acne. We will focus on emptying the pores, killing bacteria, reducing inflammation, feeding the skin vital nutrients, speeding up the healing process and stimulating new collagen to replace damaged cells. For the optimal solution for your live acne, one of our Consultants will closely assess your skin for a bespoke package to suit your needs.


Hydrafacial will gently cleanse and revive all skin types for mild to moderate live acne with its Vortex Fusion technology. This personalisable facial includes three steps: cleanse, extract and hydration. A gentle peel reveals new skin, and the painless extraction removes blackheads, whiteheads and impurities, finishing with hydrating ingredients to feed, nourish and moisturise your skin. Many acne products dry the skin out, causing the body to produce more oil; achieving the right balance is essential.
This customisable treatment improves skin texture, removes dead skin, improves hyperpigmentation and reduces pore size. Moreover, the lymphatic drainage performed in the treatment will support the sculpting of the face and jawline, minimise puffiness and awaken your lymphatic system, improving the expulsion of toxins.
During your live acne treatment, the practitioner will use personalised boosters, including brightening, calming, hydrating, firming or smoothing solutions, as well as a variety of peel strengths. For an instant glow and refresh, nothing rivals a Hydrafacial.

Dermalux LED

For the most clinically proven LED wavelengths, the Dermalux Triwave MD provides the truest light wavelengths for maximum absorption into the skin. This medical device utilises Blue light, Infra Red and NIR for the optimum and most proven combination to treat live acne. Research shows that these three wavelengths are effective on the skin, killing bacteria which cause acne, providing energy to your cells, improving pigmentation, and promoting skin healing and collagen production.
To improve skin clarity and reduce redness and inflammation, our Dermalux LED system will support you on your way to rejuvenated skin.


This photo rejuvenation device is well known as one of the most effective IPL devices on the market. It has an extensive array of wavelengths to treat many skin conditions and side effects of live acne. The M22 IPL device is a tailored treatment depending on your level and the effects of acne. Excellent at bacteria, pore and redness reduction, pigmentation removal and the stimulation of new collagen. IPL is fantastic at targeting red and brown pigment in the skin, so it will even out your skin tone for a refreshed and bright appearance within days. Using the deeper filters will further stimulate collagen in the dermis to minimise the chance of scarring.


To actively control your acne, this fractionated non-ablative 1927 nm laser regenerates the skin, reduces live acne and promotes collagesis to restore damaged elastin and collagen. By creating micro-channels just below the epidermis, customised cosmeceutical compounds can reach into the dermis, triggering vital skin repair from within.

This device is essential for improving skin health in acne sufferers, targeting whiteheads, blackheads, papules and cysts. Bespoke cosmeceuticals, including Vitamin C and Retinol, are activated at your treatment for optimum absorption. Not only will your acne improve, but you will also notice the anti-ageing and skin-brightening effects of LaseMD. For targeted treatment of live acne bespoke to your needs, look no further than LaseMD.

Preparation for Treatment:

To optimise your live acne treatments, we recommend maintaining good skin hygiene and avoiding any blood-thinning medications or supplements before your sessions. You must wait six months if you take oral Accutane for live acne. It is essential to stop using acids such as Glycolic for a week before treatments and two weeks after or until the skin fully recovered from each treatment.

Numbing Requirement:

Numbing cream is not required for any of these procedures.

Post-Treatment Experience:

After your treatments, some redness and mild swelling may occur, and you can resume your daily activities immediately (it is ideal to refrain from exercise for 24 hours after IPL and LaseMD). Results and downtime may vary depending on the individual. You can return to work with any of these treatments. You can apply mineral make-up 24 hours after any of the treatments.

Treatment Intervals:

Your treatment intervals will be discussed and calculated at your consultation. LED light can be performed twice per week, Hydrafacial once per week, IPL every three weeks, and LaseMD every four weeks. Our experienced Consultants will devise a customised treatment plan based on your unique needs. Many procedures can be combined on the same day to interfere less with your schedule and to speed up results.

Combining Treatments:

Treatments in the Live Acne Package work synergistically to guarantee optimum results. The combination of Hydrafacial, LED, IPL and LaseMD addresses different aspects of live acne reduction for comprehensive improvement and faster and longer-lasting results. Removing the dead skin and unblocking the pores with Hydrafacial helps IPL and LaseMD to penetrate deeper into the skin. LED will stimulate cells to take action following any of your treatments.

Results and Duration:

After your treatments, immediate results can be observed once the initial redness has gone. They will all improve over time for several weeks. LED phototherapy, Hydrafacial and IPL will provide fast glowing results superficially to control and reduce active acne. The collagen-stimulating effects of IPL and LaseMD treatments contribute to long-lasting outcomes in the dermis to repair the skin and minimise inflammation. Consistency and adherence to the recommended treatment plan are vital to achieving and maintaining your desired results.

Sustaining Results:

Following the treatments, a good skincare routine with appropriate products will help to sustain the results obtained from live acne treatments. The prescription-strength Obagi Clenziderm system- is designed to reduce active acne and oil-free sun creams such as Heliocare 360. UV exposure will kill collagen, cause pigmentation and exacerbate redness caused by acne. Use factor 50 sun cream daily all year round to maintain results. Hyaluronic acid serum is a great daily addition to your routine to reduce the chance of scarring. If you feel your acne has sufficiently cleared, look at our Acne Scarring Package.

If you are fed up with your acne and need help to control and minimise it, we have Consultants ready to guide you in the right direction. Book a free consultation at one of our four central London locations. Our experts can choose the perfect package for your skin and acne types. Our practitioners can also guide you in arranging a blood test to discover any food intolerances contributing to your acne.

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Why Choose Pulse Light Clinic

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The only clinic in Europe to have the Biggest Range of Lasers.

Benefits of Acne and Scar ReductionTreatment

No anaesthetic is required.

Long-lasting result.

No-Surgery leaves no scar.

Smoother Skin.

Delivered in London, UK.

More than 20 years of experience in laser and IPL Technology.


Is the Live Acne Package suitable for everyone?

Our Acne Treatment and Scar Reduction Package treatments are generally suitable for most clients. However, certain medical conditions, such as pregnancy and breastfeeding, may restrict some procedures. To ensure your eligibility, we recommend scheduling a consultation with our experienced practitioners.

How many sessions will I need to see noticeable results?

Results can be seen immediately from your Hydrafacial and LED light therapy. LaseMD has little downtime and some clients report immediate results. Cool laser may take up to 5 days to begin showing results. All lasers stimulate collagen and elastin and will continue to improve for several months after the treatment. The more sessions undertaken in a short time the more collagen stimulated and the less lost through ageing and sun damage.

Are the results permanent, and how can I maintain them?

For live acne it is harder to gauge as there are many attributing factors, including the internal phenomena that can contribute to new acne forming. Food intolerance testing can aid with this. This treatment package is targeted towards treating the Epidermis and Dermis of the skin for the best possible improvement.