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  • A non-invasive and non-surgical method of removing skin pigmentation
  • Great for post-pregnancy
  • Removes and Reduces Melasma on the exterior
  • Suitable for men and woman
  • Effective in skin lightening, removing skin discoloration & freckles
  • Boosts your collagen production in a natural way
  • From £200 per treatment, discounted treatment packages
  • Only Available at Bank Clinic*
  • Free Consultations & Patch Tests

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PicoSure Face & Neck£450£1100£1900
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Melasma Removal

Melasma is the most common for of facial pigmentation which results from several factors such as hormones, UV exposure, genetics, and post-pregnancy. Melasma shows through patchy areas of the face most commonly on the upper lip, cheeks, under the eye and forehead.

Melasma is very common amongst pregnant women due to unbalanced hormones throughout pregnancy or being on the pill. This is known as the ‘The Mask of Pregnancy’. The intensity of pigmentation gets intensified in the summertime due to UV sun exposure which causes the pigmentation to darken.

Pulse Light Clinic London is one of the few clinics who owns and uses the PicoSure laser for hyperpigmentation whether it’s for exterior melasma or skin discoloration. The PicoSure laser is suitable for all skin types and complexions. This treatment will help reduce and maintain the reduction of pigmentation but has a chance of coming back due to hormones as it varies from person to person genetically.

The PicoSure laser works by shooting pulses to the treated area of pigmentation at a speed of trillionths of a second. These pulses fragment the unwanted melanin into minute particles which the body then removes. This has the effect of skin lightening, removing dark spots, and reducing skin discolouration.

PicoSure skin pigmentation removal is suitable for:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Sunspots
  • Age Spots
  • Exterior Melasma
  • Dark Spots

* results may vary from person to person

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  • Great service with a lovely atmosphere, as someone who has psoriasis, im a bit self conscious about my skin but the ladies that work here made me feel so comfortable and relaxed!

    Shulie Aktar

  • Fantastic service, Erica was absolutely brilliant and made what is an awkward, and slightly uncomfortable experience as comfortable as possible.

    Stephanie Thomas

  • I highly recommend this clinic for Laser Hair Removal. I have seen great results in a short time frame.

    Chandni Karia

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PicoSure Skin Pigmentation FAQ

How Does the PicoSure Resolve Laser Work?

Based on your initial consultation the laser technician will set the laser to the appropriate settings for your Asian skin. Laser light is then fired into the dark spots or area of skin discoloration. The picosecond pulses shatter the unwanted melanin contained in those areas into minute particles, these then get removed from your body leaving clearer, lighter and firmer looking skin.

Do I need an initial consultation?

Yes, as will all our treatments an initial consultation and patch test is required. During your first visit, the practitioner can determine if the treatment is right for you; based on your medical history, the condition you want to be handled and the results of the patch test. Both the consultation and patch test are completely free.
Please ensure you advise the practitioner exactly what you would like to achieve, or what your priorities are. These can vary between lighter skin, firmer skin, clearer skin, particular dark spots are gone and so forth.

Are there any Side-effects to the PicoSure treatment?

Immediately after receiving a treatment it is common to experience redness and slight swelling that diminishes rapidly in the following hour or so.

On very rare occasions temporary discolouration around the treated area is seen but this is unusual and commonly resolves over the following few months.

Is it painful?

Everyone has a different pain threshold and reacts to treatments in their own way but the PicoSure laser treatments usually create minimal pain. Most clients rate the pain level at around 3/10.

How many treatments do I need for the PicoSure Laser?

This will be determined during your initial consultation but usually ranges between 3-4. This does vary though, as with certain clients, results have been seen after just one treatment, and with others six have been required to get optimum results.

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