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Morpheus8 Body Treatments London

Morpheus 8 has taken the aesthetics industry by storm, winning several awards, including the Aesthetic Industry Awards for Best Skin Tightening Treatment. Since its arrival in 2020, it has proved popular with celebrities such as the Kardashians and Lindsay Lohan due to its fast working results for multiple skin problems with minimal downtime. 


  • Deep tissue remodelling
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • Treats uneven skin texture and ‘crepey skin’
  • Works well on stretch marks
  • Effective on adipose fat tissue for contouring
  • Tightens’ bingo wings’
  • Provides a lift on the breast area
  • Treats scarring, including surgical and caesarean
  • Improves uneven skin tone

Morpheus8 Body Treatment

This combination treatment integrates two effective skin technologies to provide the ultimate treatment: Microneedling and Radio Frequency (RF). Both work well alone, but when used simultaneously, they allow for deeper penetration and coverage of the target area. The insulated 0.75 – 8 mm needles conduct RF deeper than they have previously been able to reach. Using Burst Mode technology, stacking pulses in the same place in the dermis at 3 chosen depths into the skin provides a faster, more accurate treatment time and unrivalled coverage of the skin. This multi-depth approach allows various depths in the skin to be treated at the same time, triggering mass production of elastin and collagen and plumping and remodelling the skin to provide more robust, longer-lasting tightening. 

Morpheus8 Treatment and Cellulite Reduction

This minimally invasive treatment can target subdermal fat tissue to improve the appearance of cellulite. ‘Orange peel’ or cellulite is caused by enlarged fat cells pushing through the skin against the connective bands that are more taught and pulled downwards—stimulating elastin and collagen to the connective tissue for improved elasticity whilst simultaneously targeting the bulges (enlarged fat cells) to reduce their size results in a smoother appearance to cellulite. Your consultant will accurately mark out the treatment area whilst you are standing for the best result and accuracy.

Crepey Skin on the Abdomen and Arms

Morpheus 8 has 3 handpieces designed to target different depths and areas of the body and face. By using the resurfacing 24-pin tip, your practitioner can target the superficial aspect of crepey skin, vastly improving the visible texture of the skin up to 0.75 mm into the epidermis. Furthermore, we will utilise the advantages of the Morpheus skin tightening, with a 24-needle tip reaching 4-5 mm into the dermis for deep remodelling and targeting any unwanted fat tissue whilst vastly stimulating collagen and elastin throughout the layers of the skin for an intense lifting and tightening effect. Excellent for loose skin anywhere on the face and body, including over-stretched skin on the abdomen after weight loss, liposuction, postpartum and ‘bingo wings’.

Morpheus8 for Stretch Marks and Scar Reduction

Using the resurfacing and Morpheus 8 handpieces is a remarkable solution to stretch marks and scarring. It not only targets and reduces the visible signs on the surface, such as whitening for fair skin or pigmentation on darker skin types, but simultaneously helps to remodel the scar tissue in the dermis through collagenesis for smoother, more even-looking skin. 

Stretch marks and scars are more easily treated during their earlier phases when they are pink or dark brown. Results are faster, and fewer treatments are needed to reduce their appearance as they are still healing and have an active blood supply. Old stretch marks have stopped healing and need treating more often and more aggressively to see improvement.

Fat Reduction for Adipose Tissue

Morpheus 8 from Inmode is a body-firming and fat-reduction treatment, unique in its ability to tighten the skin and reduce body fat. Reaching from 0.75 – 8 mm in the skin, it can hit many layers for the optimum approach to dermal remodelling. This FDA-approved treatment can be used virtually anywhere on the body, utilising RF energy to gently overheat the collagen to force the body to produce new, healthier collagen and elastin the dermis whilst melting unwanted fat tissue in the hypodermis. It is fully customisable to treat small or larger body areas with its various tips to contour and smooth the appearance of unwanted fat tissue.

The Benefits of Using Morpheus 8 Body Over Other Treatments

With such a diverse amount of skin conditions treatable, this is an excellent choice for those with multiple skin concerns on the same body area. For example, stretch marks and skin laxity go hand in hand; Morpheus 8 is one of the few machines available on the market that can successfully treat both in the same session. The benefits will continue to work for over 6 months as collagen grows and tightens the area.

Morpheus 8 Body is also fantastic in conjunction with some of our other technologies for a more bespoke treatment plan. It works well alongside Velashape 3 for cellulite reduction and Emsculpt Neo to further tone and tighten the abdomen and arms.

Morpheus8 Near Me

Whether you want to sculpt, tighten or smooth any body areas, Morpheus8 London or Morpheus8 Manchester is an excellent treatment option. To speak to a body sculpting consultant at one of our 4 London-based clinics, book a free consultation today to discover how Morpheus 8 can provide you with younger and smoother-looking skin!

Check out our Ultimate Cellulite Combination Package if you are looking for fast, long-term results for cellulite. For Morpheus’s cost, please see our price list for more details.

If you are looking for a Morpheus facial, please check out our Morpheus face page, where you will find our informative video with our in-house Doctor and some fantastic Morpheus8 before and after photos!

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Morpheus8 Packages

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Morpheus8 + Picosure Pro Face & Neck
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Morpheus8 + Dracula Therapy Face and Neck
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Morpheus8 + Thermage Face and Neck

Skin Tightening And Rejuvenation Package: 3 Morpheus8 Treatments + 1 Thermage Treatment

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Morpheus8 Body Treatments FAQs

What are the benefits of Morpheus8 Body Treatment?

Morpheus8 offers a myriad of benefits, including deep tissue remodelling, cellulite reduction, treatment for uneven skin texture and crepey skin, effectiveness on stretch marks, contouring adipose fat tissue, tightening bingo wings, lifting the breast area, addressing scarring (including surgical and caesarean), and improving uneven skin tone.

How does Morpheus8 work for cellulite reduction?

Morpheus8's minimally invasive treatment targets subdermal fat tissue, improving the appearance of cellulite. By stimulating elastin and collagen in the connective tissue, it enhances elasticity while simultaneously reducing the size of enlarged fat cells, resulting in smoother-looking skin.

Can Morpheus8 address crepey skin on the abdomen and arms?

Yes, Morpheus8 has specialised handpieces designed for different depths and areas. Utilising a 24-pin tip for resurfacing and a 24-needle tip for deep remodelling, it significantly improves the visible texture of the skin and targets unwanted fat tissue. This makes it ideal for addressing loose skin on the face and body, including areas like the abdomen after weight loss and 'bingo wings.'

Is Morpheus8 effective for stretch marks and scar reduction?

Morpheus8, with its resurfacing and specialised handpieces, offers a remarkable solution for stretch marks and scarring. It not only targets and reduces visible signs on the surface but also helps remodel scar tissue in the dermis through collagenesis, resulting in smoother and more even-looking skin.

How does Morpheus8 work for fat reduction in adipose tissue?

Morpheus8 is a unique body-firming and fat-reduction treatment that tightens the skin and reduces body fat. Using RF energy to gently overheat collagen, it stimulates the production of new, healthier collagen and elastin in the dermis while melting unwanted fat tissue in the hypodermis.

Why choose Morpheus 8 Body over other treatments?

Morpheus 8 Body stands out for its versatility in treating various skin conditions on the same body area. It is one of the few machines capable of successfully addressing both stretch marks and skin laxity in a single session, with benefits lasting over six months as collagen continues to grow and tighten the treated area.

Can Morpheus 8 Body be combined with other technologies?

Absolutely! Morpheus 8 Body works well in conjunction with other technologies like Velashape 3 for cellulite reduction and Emsculpt Neo for further toning and tightening of the abdomen and arms, providing a more personalised and comprehensive treatment plan.

Are there special packages available for cellulite reduction?

Yes, for those seeking fast, long-term results for cellulite, Pulse Light Clinic offers the Ultimate Cellulite Combination Package. Explore this comprehensive package designed to address cellulite concerns effectively.

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