Are You Suffering From Adrenal Fatigue?


What are the most common symptoms that suggest adrenal fatigue?

    • Difficulty getting up in the morning
    • Cravings for stimulants (tea, coffee, alcohol, cigarettes)
    • Cravings for salt (crisps, processed foods, bacon or anchovies)
    • Craving for sweet foods
    • Lethargy not relieved by sleep
    • Increased effort for everyday tasks
    • Decreased sex drive
    • Decreased ability to cope with daily stresses
    • Increased time to recover from injury, illness or trauma
    • Light-headed or dizzy upon standing
    • Mild depression
    • Increased PMS / Severe Menopausal Symptoms / Menstrual Irregularities
    • Excessive sweating
    • Fuzzy thinking or lose track of thought/poor memory or concentration
    • Feel better after evening meal
    • Memory lapses that are out of character

What can one do to recover from adrenal fatigue?

    • Never skip breakfast
    • Combine a fat, protein and carbohydrate with every meal and snack.
    • Eliminate all foods you are allergic to, sensitive to or addicted to.
    • Eat a variety of whole natural foods
    • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, especially bright coloured ones.
    • Salt your food to a pleasant taste with Himilayan Crystal salt or unrefined sea salt.
    • Eat wild caught deep-water fish 3 times per week.
    • Combine wholegrains with beans, seeds or nuts/seeds for vegetarian meals.
    • Cook with butter or coconut oil, or olive oil.
    • Sleep in until 9.00am and be in bed before 10.30pm, whenever you can
    • Take time out each day for relaxation (anything that makes YOU relax)
    • Take light/moderate exercise like walking for 30 minutes daily.
    • Avoid cakes, pies, biscuits and any other foods containing white flour, sugar and chocolate.
    • Avoid deep fried foods, highly processed foods, processed meats, sugar and white flour products such as pasta; these are nutrient robbers and put unnecessary stress on adrenal glands.
    • Avoid  coffee, fizzy drinks, black tea and hot chocolate. These substances are highly toxic to the adrenal glands.

These foods and drinks are all energy robbers, they give nothing; they take nutrients from you.

By Lisa Borg, Nutritional Therapist at Pulse Light Clinic, to find out more about Lisa, please click here – Lisa Borg’s Biography

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