Limp Vegetables Cluttering Up The Fridge?


Limp Vegetables Cluttering Up The Fridge?

Did you ever have a freaky shopping trip where you decided “This week I am going to eat super-healthily”. Loaded up the shopping basket with lots of vegetables, salads and fruits, only to throw most of them away, after discovering them a week later in your fridge looking limp and unappetising

The original concept of eating super healthy and the action of loading up the shopping basket accordingly is not where you went wrong! The key to success, if you want to eat super healthily, starts before you get to the shops.

Investigate recipes for exotic salads, hearty soups, super-smoothies, and healthy desserts. Pick out several that make your mouth water and list down the ingredients. That list becomes your shopping list.

Check sell by dates as you shop, and avoid buying too many items that will expire in the next few days. Search for those with the furthest date away.

When you get home, unpack and separate items by sell by date, those that will expire soonest need to be used first, and those with the furthest date can be stored for later in the week. Note down what recipe you will be preparing on each day and stick with it throughout the week.

This does require some discipline the first time you do it, but the gains from eating healthily just for one whole week will encourage you in future.

Some additional suggestions:

If the spinach is looking like it is starting to wilt before you planned to use it, add handfuls to a blender along with your favourite smoothie ingredients.

For warm summer days, search online for a cool cucumber soup recipe; this is a refreshing and delicious cold soup. Cucumbers provide minerals, antioxidants, boosts immunity, has an alkalising effect, can help constipation, and greatly assist in detoxification of the liver. If you suffer from stress/tension induced headaches, cucumbers provide magnesium which has been proven to eliminate such headaches.

Kale is one of the most nutrient dense vegetables. The taste is not to everyone’s liking, so combine with other vegetables and one fruit such as pineapple or mango in a smoothie to dampen it’s strong flavour, and enjoy!