Nutritional Management for Rosacea

Over many years of experience, much data regarding the management of Rosacea has emerged. It is clear that the best results occur when the condition is approached from several angles in combination.

One-to-One Nutritional Therapy Consultation with Lisa Borg Dip BCNH Rosacea specialist. Read more 

“Research demonstrates that Digestive Function and Dietary Manipulation are core issues of address in those with Rosacea.”

Lisa is a qualified Nutritional Therapist. She has been practicing nutrition for 8 years across a broad spectrum of health conditions. She has a special interest in Rosacea, and her research, together with hands-on experience, led to the writing of her thesis entitled “The Nutritional Management of Rosacea”.

In recent years Lisa has widened her focus to include other inflammatory conditions too with some remarkable results that have great potential for Rosacea sufferers. She has developed a complete package to complement IPL treatment of the existing redness and broken vessels that includes specific combinations of dietary/lifestyle guidelines, supplements and herbal remedies to address the underlying causes of inflammation.

As a member of the Pulse-Light Clinic team, Lisa is available for Nutritional Consultations on Rosacea and all other health conditions. Lisa can be contacted on

Treatment Plan Consisting of:

  1. Intense Pulse Light Therapy to address damage that has already occurred, and which continues to occur with every flushing episode.
  2. Address to internal causes of flushing via nutritional manipulation (foods to include and foods to avoid in the daily diet)
  3. Supplementation of nutrients to support those bodily systems that are contributing to inflammatory responses.
  4. Specific address to other seemingly unrelated conditions such as those caused by chronic stress, poor metabolism, and an imbalanced digestive tract.
  5. 3 & 4 above are assessed on an individual basis and a personalized programme is developed by Lisa when you take up the Full Nutritional Consultation.

For those Rosacea sufferers who are very interested in having dietary advice only, I have written a comprehensive guide which is now available to buy on line. The ebook is called :  Rosacea: What to do/What to ea