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PCOS Laser Hair Removal

  • Using the Alexandrite & ND: YAG Gentle Max Pro by Syneron Candela.
  • Suitable for all skin types, both men and women.
  • Doctor and nurse led clinic.
  • All technicians qualified in Level 4 Certificate in Laser Treatments
  • Reduction of ingrown hairs, pigmentation and smoother skin.
  • Open until 8 pm weekdays and weekends till 5 pm
  • Clinics in London: Bank, Fenchurch Street & Tottenham Court Road

Laser Hair Removal Single Prices

 0% finance options over a 12 month period for payments over £450.

Free Consultations and patch testsSingle Treatment55% Off – Six60% Off – Eight
One of the following: Nipples / Naval / Upper lip / Chin / Hands / Feet£65£177£208
One of the following: Sideburns / Hairline / Cheeks / Forehead / Under Arms/ Standard Bikini / Jaw Line / Neck / Perianal (Women only)£83£225£266
One of the following: Upper arms / Lower arms / Bikini Brazilian / Shoulders / Abdomen / Upper lip & Chin£120£300£384
One of the following: Half back / Full face / Beard & Neck / Hollywood / Chest / Buttocks / Half Face & Front Neck£135£355£432
One of the following: Lower legs / Upper Legs  / Full Face & Front Neck/ 3/4 Arms£177£480£566
One of the following: Chest & Abs / Full Arms / Full Back (Women only)£190£520£608
One of the following: Full Legs/ Full Back & Shoulders (Woman only)£260£702£832

Packages for Women

0% finance options over a 12 month period for payments over £450.

Free Consultation & Patch TestSingle Treatment 40 % Off – Six50% Off – Eight
Any Bikini & a choice of one of the following: Underarm, Perianal or Naval£144£518

£34.53 p/m


£38.40 p/m

Any Bikini & a choice of two of the following: Underarm, Perianal or Naval£184£662

£44.13 p/m


£49.06 p/m

Any Bikini & Underarm, Perianal & Naval£244£806

£53.70 p/m


£59.73 p/m

Lower Legs, Bikini Brazilian & Underarms£264£950
£63.33 p/m
£70.40 p/m
Lower Legs, Bikini Hollywood, Perianal, Underarms & Naval£278£1000
£66.66 p/m
£74.13 p/m
Full Legs, Any Bikini, Perianal, Underarms & Naval£328£1180
£78.66 p/m
£87.46 p/m
Half Legs, Half Arm, Any Bikini, Perianal, Underarm & Naval£328£1180
£78.66 p/m
£87.46 p/m
Full Legs, Full Arms, Any Bikini, Perianal, Buttocks, Navel Line, Underarms & Nipples£449£1616
£107.73 p/m
£119.73 p/m
Full Women’s Body Package:

Any or All: Full Legs, Any Bikini, Underarms, Buttocks, Full Arms, Back, Abdomen, Chest, Shoulders, Face & Neck Front and Back, Hands & Feet

£128.13 p/m
£142.40 p/m

Packages for Men

 0% finance options over a 12 month period for payments over £450.

Treatment on our Alexandrite
& NdYag Lasers
Single Treatment40% Off – Six50% Off – Eight
Chest &
£36.93 p/m
£41.06 p/m
Full Back &
£54.93 p/m
£61.06 p/m
Full Back, Shoulders , Half Arms & Neck£227£997
£66.46 p/m
£73.86 p/m
Full Back, Shoulders, Full Arms, Hands & Neck£325£1170
£78.00 p/m
£86.60 p/m
Full Back, Shoulders, Half Arms, Chest, Abdomen & Neck£451£1623

£108.20 p/m


£120.26 p/m

Men’s Full Body ( Standard Bikini not including Perianal )£624£2246

£149.70 p/m


£166.40 p/m

PCOS Excessive hair growth

PCOS Laser Hair Removal

Polycystic is defined as ‘multiple cysts.’ Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a medical condition whereby women’s hormones are out of balance and cysts (benign masses) begin to grow on the ovaries.

Though PCOS does not directly have any severe medical effects and is sometimes overlooked because of this, there are long term health conditions which potentially can be caused by PCOS such as, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer. For this reason, if you believe you may have PCOS, it is important to get yourself in to see a doctor so that the condition can be diagnosed and medical advice given.

Unfortunately, the cause of PCOS is not fully understood. Doctors believe that hormonal imbalances and genetics play a part, it is noted that it often runs in families. Another contributing factor is potentially the overproduction of the hormone androgen. It is a male sex hormone that is always produced in a women’s body, but the overproduction of it could be linked to PCOS.

Currently, there is no cure for PCOS and the treatment is the only symptom-based.
The most common symptoms of PCOS are:

  • Irregular (or no) periods
  • Reduced fertility
  • Excessive hair growth
  • Acne
  • Weight gain
  • Thinning head hair

PCOS can badly affect a woman’s confidence, as all of these effects are directly at a contrast to what we as women generally believe to be sexy and feminine.

As a laser clinic, we cannot help with the root cause of PCOS but we can help those in need deal with some of the unpleasant symptoms. Any ease of symptoms, will bring a boost in confidence and allow you to deal with the condition to the best of your ability.

Excessive Hair Growth

Excessive hair growth can be very uncomfortable for women and despite the apparent ease of shaving or plucking, the sheer ongoing problem caused by PCOS can really bring you down. On top of the fact that it is time consuming, can end up being expensive and the hair problem is never actually going away.

Laser hair removal treatments are a permanent handling of excessive hair growth because they work to directly stop the hair follicles from producing any more hairs. That means that after a series of treatments, it is no longer a temporary solution or stop gap but instead the excessive hair will either be permanently gone or minimally permanently reduced.

Laser hair removal treatments are tailored to exactly what you need. The prices and treatment plans are based on the sizes of the areas to be treated. That way you can tailor a programme to exactly what areas are suffering due to the PCOS. For more information on laser hair removal, take a look here www.pulselightclinic.co.uk/laser-hair-removal-london
* results may vary from person to person

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  • Great service with a lovely atmosphere, as someone who has psoriasis, im a bit self conscious about my skin but the ladies that work here made me feel so comfortable and relaxed!

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  • Fantastic service, Erica was absolutely brilliant and made what is an awkward, and slightly uncomfortable experience as comfortable as possible.

    Stephanie Thomas

  • I highly recommend this clinic for Laser Hair Removal. I have seen great results in a short time frame.

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