Tattoos are on the increase, with huge numbers of people every year choosing to go under the needle to express themselves through body art.

Some people do, of course, live to regret their choice of ink. If you’re looking to turn a tattoo into just a distant memory, PicoSure is the only way to do it.

PicoSure is the next generation of tattoo removal technology. Laser tattoo removal no longer needs to be a drawn-out, expensive process; whereas with other laser removal methods it can take months or even years to completely get rid of unwanted ink, with PicoSure treatment is faster and recovery time dramatically reduced.

Your tattoo could be gone in as little as four sessions – one if it was an amateur job.

PicoSure is also able to remove any tattoo, of any colour, from any skin type. With older laser removal technology this was much more difficult to achieve, as some ink colours such as blues and greens are traditionally resistant to laser treatment.

How PicoSure laser tattoo removal works

Conventional, Q-switch laser tattoo removal systems rely on photodynamic energy (primarily heat) to break up the pigment particles that make up your tattoo ink.

It works, but the process can take up to 20 treatments that need to be spaced at least six weeks apart. This makes it a long and arduous process.

Picosure, on the other hand, uses picosecond technology that delivers ultra-short, ultra-powerful pulses to the tattoo pigment that breaks ink particles up much faster without affecting the surrounding skin; meaning you need less recovery time between treatments and your tattoo can be gone in as little as 3-5 sessions. That’s up to 60% fewer treatments! Just think of all the time and money you’ll save.

Picosure in a nutshell

Picosure has many benefits. These include:

  • Removes tattoos in much fewer treatments than traditional lasers, saving you time and money
  • Effective even on traditionally stubborn blue and green inks
  • Works equally well on all skin types, unlike older laser treatments
  • More affordable than more time-consuming options
  • Can remove even previously recalcitrant tattoos that have stopped responding to treatment
  • Can remove any tattoo within six treatments (very large tattoos may take longer)
  • Reduces the possibility of scarring as the surrounding skin is not treated

The treatment process

If you’re at all worried about or particularly sensitive to pain, you can apply an anaesthetic cream 1-2 hours before your session and keep it under a dressing; however, Picosure is much less painful than other tattoo removal methods and most people describe it as no more uncomfortable than having an elastic band twanged against the skin.

Laser Tattoo Removal Pre & After Care

After a session you MUST stay out of the sun for a while – no exotic holidays or tanning beds allowed! Skin that has had laser tattoo removal will be prone to sunburn for at least four weeks afterwards.

We also won’t be able to treat you again if you’ve been basking in the sun, or even if your skin just has a leftover tan week down the line. It’s sunblock all the way, we’re afraid!

If you’re a person whose skin is particularly prone to tanning, you may see spots of increased pigment appearing after your laser tattoo removal treatment – don’t worry, it’s not permanent and should fade pretty quickly.

You should also keep your tattoo as clean and dry as possible for at least 48 hours after your treatment – this reduces the possibility of scarring and helps to prevent infection. If it’s itching, don’t wash it: just apply a cold compress and, if a scab forms, keep it covered to stop it catching on anything.

After the 48 hours have passed, feel free to apply an aloe vera gel to cool things down a little if you need to. And don’t forget to apply Bio-Oil! It’s a godsend for healing skin.

Once you’re all healed – which should take about a week, no sooner – you can start massaging your tattoo to help blood flow and stimulate the lymph system. Don’t forget that sunblock too!

If you have a tattoo that you’d like to have removed, call us today for an initial consultation. We have the answer to any and every question you may have – and a few more besides!