PicoSure Skin Pigmentation

How Does the PicoSure Resolve Laser Work?

Based on your initial consultation the laser technician will set the laser to the appropriate settings for your Asian skin. Laser light is then fired into the dark spots or area of skin discolouration. The picosecond pulses shatter the unwanted melanin contained in those areas into minute particles, these then get removed from your body leaving clearer, lighter and firmer looking skin.

Are there any special recommendations for my Asian skin for the PicoSure skin pigmentation treatment?

No, you are in good hands as we are experienced in dealing with the whole range of skin types. The PicoSure is a safe and effective method of dealing with skin discolouration and removing dark spots without harsh side effects on Asian skin. In the event there are some personal recommendations, your practitioner will go over them with you during your consultation and following treatment sessions.

Do I need an initial consultation?

Yes, as will all our treatments an initial consultation and patch test is required. During your first visit, the practitioner can determine if the treatment is right for you; based on your medical history, the condition you want to be handled and the results of the patch test. Both the consultation and patch test are completely free.

Please ensure you advise the practitioner exactly what you would like to achieve, or what your priorities are. These can vary between lighter skin, firmer skin, clearer skin, particular dark spots are gone and so forth.


Are there any Side-effects to the PicoSure treatment?

Immediately after receiving a treatment it is common to experience redness and slight swelling that diminishes rapidly in the following hour or so.

On very rare occasions temporary discolouration around the treated area is seen but this is unusual and commonly resolves over the following few months.

Is it painful?

Everyone has a different pain threshold and reacts to treatments in their own way but the PicoSure laser treatments usually create minimal pain. Most clients rate the pain level at around 3/10.

How many treatments do I need for the PicoSure Laser?

This will be determined during your initial consultation but usually ranges between 3-4. This does vary though, as with certain clients, results have been seen after just one treatment, and with others six have been required to get optimum results.

What should I expect following the treatment?

The skin may have a red suffusion for a few hours following a treatment session. Skin peeling or flaking is also common. None of these are a bad sign so do not worry, help your skin by remaining hydrated and not scrubbing at or exfoliating the skin over the following few days.