Key Points

  • We are the only clinic in Europe to use PICOWAY and PICOSURE (785nm+ 1064nm +532nm) technology in the same clinic to allow for faster removal
  • Minimum of 8 week intervals to allow the ink to enter the bloodstream
  • There is no maximum amount of time between sessions
  • NO SUN exposure between sessions on the tattoo– (usually 1 year)
  • Massage between sessions to stimulate blood flow for faster removal
  • No friction on the area for a least 1 week after a session
  • The average amount of sessions to remove a tattoo is 6 sessions
  • Fitzpatrick Skin type, area on the body, depth of ink, age of the tattoo, colour of ink and immune system, all effect the number of sessions and time taken for removal

Pre treatment

  • You cannot be tanned at the session and tanning between sessions increases the risk of hypo/hyperpigmentation
  • If you tan between sessions you will require another patch test on the tattoo
  • No fake tan 2- 3 weeks prior to treatment on the area being treated
  • No oil or moisturizer should be used the day of the treatment, the skin must be clear of products
  • If you found the patch test painful, anaesthetic cream (topical numbing cream) can be used to reduce discomfort and works very well when it is applied correctly- 2 hours before treatment for Emla 5% and Denela, or 30 mins prior to treatment if using LMX. Apply copious amounts of the cream, always have cling film or Tegaderm covering the cream as a bandage will soak it up. If air gets to the cream it will dry it out and prevent it from working. Do not remove the clingfilm/Tegaderm until you enter the treatment room.

Post treatment and post patch test

  • Keep the Tegaderm bandage in place for as long as possible to reduce friction and chance of scarring, this is a medical-grade bandage that allows heat to escape the skin but protects from external elements
  • Do not pick or pop blisters or scabs, doing this can lead to scarring/pigmentation or discolouration
  • If the area is bleeding out of the bandage keep the gauze in place and keep replacing the bandage over the top to prevent infection. If you suspect the area is infected, please call the clinic for advice ASAP.
  • After 48 hours cleanse the treated area with a mild soap pat the area dry, do not rub the area
  • Apply VASELINE to the treated area twice daily for 1 week to keep it well protected
  • Keep the area covered to avoid friction especially on areas such as hips, feet etc
  • Distal extremities such as the legs, ankles, feet, hands and arms can swell and react more severely. If you find the area has extreme swelling, keep the area raised to allow the fluid build up to drain, especially at night.
  • Once the area has healed – and the skin is no longer broken, carefully apply Bio Oil twice daily with a light massage until the day before your following treatment. This helps stimulate blood flow to the area and allow for faster removal of the newly broken ink particles.
  • If you notice any discolouration of the skin you may require hydrocortisone 1% cream which you can purchase without a prescription from the pharmacy and apply twice daily for two weeks.

If you are concerned about the healing or progress of the treatment please send a photo to the clinic. FAO Lucy [email protected], we will asses this for you and provide you with feedback

Laser Tattoo Removal Near me

Pulse Light Clinic has 2 laser tattoo removal clinics in London, one in the heart of the city, within a few minutes from Monument and Bank stations and one on Tottenham Court Rd.