Today’s modern lifestyle exposes all of us to toxins. The human body has remarkable defenses against such toxins, especially if the diet is super-nutritious, the liver is functioning at optimum, digestive processes are satisfactory, elimination channels are sufficient, and the lifestyle allows for regular exercise and adequate sleep.

Detoxification is an ongoing process within the body, and for those toxins not eliminated, the body has a great capacity for storing toxins. This generally occurs when the detoxification organs are overwhelmed, under-functioning, do not have the necessary chemical compounds available to disarm any specific toxin, or when these organs are just too busy at the time when the toxin enters. 

As an analogy, consider the storage capacity of a box; over time toxins begin to fill the box. Once the box is full, additional toxins entering will cause it to overflow. When this happens, the toxins escape the storage ‘box’ and enter the system, subsequently damaging cell function and interfering with the vast number of chemical reactions that occur in the body. Therefore when the Body’s-Toxic-Load (B-T-L) exceeds it’s storage capacity (its box), health problems ensue.

Emptying the ‘box’ at periodic intervals would seem wise and appropriate to modern living because there is not one of us who can avoid toxins completely.

Because toxins contribute extensively to inflammation, and Rosacea is an inflammatory condition, following a sensible, case-appropriate detoxification programme has great potential to improve the condition and help prevent it’s progression to a chronic stage.

When is a good time to follow a detoxification programme?

One can follow a detoxification programme at any time of year, but traditionally such programmes are best followed at the end of a season in preparation for the natural change in seasonal foods, weather, activity levels, etc. A great time is now – A Spring Clean for the body!

Estimate your own B-T-L by scoring one point for each of the symptoms below.

1 Water Retention2 Increase in body fat
3 Lethargy4 Headaches
5 Foggy thinking6 Itchy skin
7 Bloating and gas8 Anxiety increased
 9 Constipation10 Dirrhea
 11 Depression12 Migraines
13  Mouth sores14 Unexplained muscle aches
15 Weight gain around the abdomen16 Poor concentration
17 Loss of libido18 Memory lapses
19 Experience more than two colds per year20 Bad breath
21 Body odour22 Coated or furry tongue
23 Frequent Digestive Discomfort24 Poor exercise tolerance
25 Post nasal drip26 Overweight tendency
27 Fatigue 1-2 hours after eating28 Swollen lymph glands
29 Excessive sneezing30 Arthritis or pains in the joints
31 Hormonal imbalances such as PMS, irregular periods, Thyroid issues, or Acne Vulgaris32 Hormonal imbalances such as PMS, irregular periods, Thyroid issues, or Acne Vulgaris

Evaluation of Your Personal B-T-L score:

Suggested Gentle Detoxification Procedure To Lessen Body-Toxic-Load(B-T-L)