Triggers are conditions that when met cause a reaction. Rosacea is a condition passed down through the genes, this means that if you have Caucasian ancestry you might get a predisposition to this condition. There are a series of triggers that can bring up blushing around the face. These triggers can be divided into a number of groups.

Listed below are a few environmental triggers:

Sun Exposure

Explore to the sun is the main cause of flare ups in Rosacea. Even if it feels counter-intuitive it is imperative to cover up when the sun comes up. Make sure to wear hat or a cap, also it is highly recommended to use a high factor protection before coming out in the sun. Anything over SPF30 should be fine.


When the weather gets hot our body instinctively will work to keep cool. One way  the body does this is by releasing liquid into the surface of the skin in the form of sweat. Hot Baths

Hot baths are a great way to relax from a hard day at work but they do not help when intending to minimise the Rosacea triggers that can actually be avoided.


This is also a high factor in the list of Rosacea triggers, specially if in connection with hot weather.


This is because the wind stimulates the blood vessels near the surface of the skin.

Cold Weather

The body reacts to cold weather by trying to heat the surface. It does this by dilating the blood vessels near to surface of the skin.

Indoor Heat

This refers to any source of heat at home or at work, it can be the central heating, fire, free standing heaters. These sources of heat tend to be on during the cold weather, this change of temp between the inside and the outside can bring up your Rosacea. There is not much you can do apart from having the heating at home as low as comfortably possible. You may even save at some bills.

Behavioral Triggers:


Stress affects the body in many different ways and flushing in the face can be one of them. Emotional stress can not always be avoided, but you should find mechanisms to relax and keep calm. It can be yoga, martial arts, a hobby, take up a sport.

Strenuous Exercise

Keeping fit by exercising is a must if we want to live a long healthy life. Take in consideration that strenuous exercise can be a trigger your Rosacea.


Anxiety affects every single organ of the body. The pulse becomes rapid, there can be sensations of dizziness, tightness of the chest, and flushing. There can also be sweating, light headed feeling and a sinking feeling of the epigastrium.

Strong Emotions

Emotions in general and strong emotions is particular tend to be perceived as things that happen to us that we have no control over, in other word we do not decide to have these intense emotions they just come. Strong emotions make you focus your attention on what has become intrusive in your daily life. It is thought that by intellectualized detachment you can weaken the emotion and therefore all the side effects brought on buy this change in emotional state, one of them being the flushing and redness in the face.

Food and Drink Triggers:

Alcoholic Drinks

Alcohol is one of the biggest no no’s when intending to keep your Rosacea under control. It is possibly the hardest one to cut  as drinking mainly of Friday and Saturday night is intimately linked to socializing. Just be aware tat if you want a night out drinking there will be more consequences than a mere hang over.

Spicy Food

When eating spicy food the mouth receptors perceive it as hot and will send that information to the brain. The brain in response will react by sweating and expanding of the blood vessel walls, specially the ones near the surface of the skin. This is done to try to lower the temperature of the body.

Hot Beverages

Hot drinks have the same effect in the body as spicy food, as the body will try to cool down in order to preserve its integrity.


Not all of these fruits will trigger flare-ups in all Rosacea sufferers. It is up to the patient to find out which of these or other fruits affect them specifically and act on it by cutting it out all together or at least minimizing it’s consumption. Here is a selection of fruits our clients have referred to us as triggers: Chocolate

  • Tomato
  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Avocado
  • Raisins
  • Figs
  • Bananas
  • Other citrus fruit


Not all of these vegetables will trigger flare-ups in all Rosacea sufferers. It is up to the patient to find out which of these or other vegetables will affect them specifically and act on it by cutting it out all together or at least minimizing it’s consumption. Here is a selection of vegetables our clients have referred to us as triggers:

  • Sweet peppers
  • Black pepper
  • White pepper
  • Vinegar
  • Garlic
  • Eggplant
  • Spinach

Dairy Products

Ever though it is not a high factor in the list of triggers, food allergies can have a direct effect in outbreaks of Rosacea. You might not even know you are lactose intolerant but as you go through the list of food you eat you might find that to be the case.

Skin Care Products, Cosmetics, Medications

Avoid products the contain alcohol, witch hazel, peppermint,menthol, eucalyptus oil, and clove oil. Not all of these ingredients will affect you but you need to have them in consideration and test them to see which one irritates your skin. Skin care products should be fragrance free. You should also avoid creams with grainy consistency like exfoliators. Men could lessen the irritation when shaving if they use electric razors. Concerning make-up you should use powder make-up, apply it with a brush (which should be washed regularly) and discard your make-up every 3 to 6 months as bacteria can start to develop in the make-up.

Acne treating creams, specially those with Benzoyl Peroxide and worsen your Rosacea. Even though topical steroids and alleviate some of the symptoms, over time they might make your Rosacea worse.


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