Lucy Dawe – Rosacea Practice Manager

After completing my education at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2009, I quickly became interested in skin and nutrition, and knew that IPL and laser therapy was the right path for me.

After meeting Mary, and seeing she shared the same passion for helping people that drove me to explore IPL and laser therapy as a career choice, I knew Pulse Light Clinic was the right place for me so I relocated to London as the full time practitioner at the clinic.

Now as Practice Manager at Pulse Light Clinic I oversee all skin treatments, including IPL for Rosacea and pigmentation, laser hair removal and tattoo removal, from the initial consultation through to the treatments. I typically treat 30 clients per day, 5 days a week providing me with a wealth of experience treating all skin types.

I have always enjoyed helping people to feel better about themselves so using IPL to treat clients suffering with Rosacea and seeing their success is really worthwhile to me. They are so grateful to finally see clear skin again! My client base covers a mix of genders across a broad age range, from 18 through to 80.

While the majority of my clients are from the UK I do have people that come to see me from as far afield as West Africa. Most of our new clients are referrals from existing clients which is a testament to our proven success treating Rosacea.

I am at the clinic Monday through Friday. Please come to the clinic for a free consultation and I will do my utmost to help you start your journey to a Rosacea-free life.

Pulse Light Clinic is one of the most experienced Rosacea clinics in the UK. With our Luminus M22 IPL machine we deliver far more shots in a shorter amount of time than any other clinic.

Unfortunately some clients do come to us having had unsuccessful treatments elsewhere, however we usually find they have had a 10 minute treatment with just one pass over the skin which is just not enough! We typically deliver 25-30 minute treatments using a multiple pass technique developed by Mary

Our highly advanced machine is specific to vein removal (unlike most clinics that also use the same IPL machine for hair removal) and can reach far deeper in to the skin to hit more vessels than ever before possible, allowing us to provide clients with a focused and tailored treatment plan.

All our clients are advised on nutrition at their consultation, and those that seek more in depth help from our nutritionist Lisa Borg find their results are faster and more long term (with some clients even finding their Rosacea can go into remission)!

Many clients find they have a genetic predisposition to over produce vessels, but through nutritional guidance also discover they have food sensitivities that can trigger them to flush, creating new vessels, which obviously causes more redness. Finding these triggers can make a massive difference to the speed of progress with IPL.

Most clients like to have pictures taken of the treated area throughout the duration of their treatment plan to watch their progress. I find this is really helpful, and spurs clients in to making better life style choices whilst having treatments!

As the practice manager at Pulse Light Clinic, I oversee all Skin treatments, from the consultations to the treatments. We have many Rosacea patients, who come into our clinics very defeated about Rosacea treatments they have received from other clinics. Unfortunately they have not received the results they were looking for.

Pulse Light Clinic is one of the most experienced Rosacea clinics in the UK. We have many clients who travel a far distance to receive treatments with us and are very happy with their treatments. Over the past five years the Pulse Light Clinic working closely with Lisa Borg a nutritionist whose speciality is Rosacea, have observed the effect of stress on the condition of Rosacea.

Anna Syanda – Advanced Rosacea Skin Specialist

I have been working in the hospital environment for more than 20 yrs. I came to the Pulse Light Clinic in 2011 as I suffered from Rosacea due to hormonal imbalances caused by Pituitary gland tumour.

Rosacea is a condition passed down through the genes, this means that if you have Caucasian ancestry you might get a predisposition to this condition. There are a series of triggers that can bring up blushing around the face

After receiving a few treatments, I was very happy with the results. I decided to change my career and become a Rosacea Skin Specialist. I have been working in the clinic ever since.

Nadia Elias – Rosacea Skin Specialist

I am a qualified beauty therapist for many years and truly understand the importance of feeling good which exudes confidence. Having Rosacea can cause a lot of stress and this does not assist with feeling confident in your skin.

When an individual experiences stress, the body responds by releasing a series of hormones and neurotransmitters that create internal changes to meet the challenge of that stress. The body responds to all stress as though it required physical action.

At this initial stage, several internal changes occur. Sufferers of Rosacea know just how stressful this condition is to live with on a daily basis.

Lisa Borg Dip DCNH, Nutritional Therapist

Lisa is a qualified Nutritional Therapist. She has been practising nutrition for 12 years across a broad spectrum of health conditions. She has a special interest in Rosacea, and her research, together with hands­on experience, led to the writing of her thesis entitled “The Nutritional Management of Rosacea”.

Lisa also treats clients with other inflammatory skin conditions, such as Acne, Seborrhoeic Dermatitis, and Psoriasis. Other conditions Lisa treats include systemic inflammation, hormonal imbalances, weight issues, mild depression and digestive problems.

Lisa works with clients on a one­to­one basis, holistically, and focuses her personalised treatment plan accordingly. For those with Rosacea, Lisa has developed a complete package to complement and support IPL therapy.

Lisa offers consultations online, for the client short of time, and night­shift workers.

From February 2015 Lisa will be available to see clients for individual consultations at the clinic by appointment. The length of consultation is one hour and fifteen minutes. Lisa will assist you to complete a Questionnaire and she will develop your treatment plan according to her findings.

Addressing the flushing red face of Rosacea is the goal, but you can expect other health enhancing effects too. For instance, many clients, so focused on their flushing, swollen cheeks, develop anxiety and a low self ­esteem, and in some cases a mild form of depression that interferes with their quality of life; this is a group of symptoms appears to respond easily, and often unexpectedly, to Nutritional Therapy.

What to expect: A treatment plan lasts between four and eight weeks and is best followed in conjunction with IPL sessions. The programme includes dietary and lifestyle guidelines, and a detailed supplement schedule to follow; details of where and how to purchase the specific supplements are also explained.

Lisa’s treatment plans are designed to support digestion and detoxification, healing, repair and cell renewal; the contributing factors to broken blood vessels,

As a member of the Pulse­Light Clinic team, Lisa is available for Nutritional Consultations on Rosacea and all other health conditions. Call to make your appointment or book at reception when you go along to see your IPL expert.

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