Our depth of knowledge in IPL combined with our nutritional advice makes us the leading clinic in successfully treating rosacea in London

  • Nutritional therapist on hand to help tackle the causes of the rosacea, not just the symptoms.
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Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea is a medical condition where the veins in the face enlarge giving the face a red appearance. It typically begins after the age of thirty, though it can start before, as redness on the cheeks nose, chin or forehead which at first will just come and go but as time passes the redness tends to get darker and more chronic. Left untreated veins to start to become visible, bumps and pimples start to develop and in more severe cases the nose can become swollen and bumpy and the eyes irritated, watery and bloodshot.

There is no known medical cure for the condition at this time so treatments available are tackling the symptoms or making lifestyle changes to cut down on the causes of rosacea flare ups. Here at Pulse Light Clinic, we do both of these things with our IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment for the symptoms and our nutritional therapist for the lifestyle help. This combination is what makes us so different from other clinics out there and our treatment so effective.

IPL treatments for rosacea work like this: The IPL device emits a range of light waves which are precisely calibrated to target the hemoglobin in your blood vessels. These light beams pass through your skin and are absorbed by the hemoglobin resulting in damage to the blood vessel wall. This controlled injury to the blood vessels triggers the body’s natural response to break down and remove the damaged tissue. New cells then replace the problem area with clearer, better-looking skin.

Rosacea Treatments work on:

  • Facial redness
  • Bumps and pimples
  • Lifestyle Causes
  • Dietary Causes
  • Men and women
  • All skin types

We constantly meet clients who have wasted time and money on poor quality IPL and other rosacea treatments. Medical expertise is vital to the success of IPL treatment, and the problem is there are far too many under-qualified practitioners offering IPL and laser treatments for rosacea. Our approach is unlike any other clinic that we know of; we don’t just zap you with a laser and hope for the best.

Our depth of knowledge in IPL combined with our nutritional advice makes us the leading clinic in successfully treating rosacea in London. We advise, treat and assess until we have your treatment fine-tuned for the very best results to ensure a dramatic difference to the appearance and discomfort caused by rosacea. Don’t be put off if you have unsuccessfully tried IPL before. We get dramatic results every time.

You don’t have to suffer the symptoms or the distress that rosacea can cause. At Pulse Light Clinic, we are privileged to see both the visible and emotional effects that good Rosacea treatment has on our patients. Although it is termed incurable, our unique individual approach, perfected over 12 years has minimised symptoms and given Rosacea sufferers back control of their lives.

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rosacea treatment

rosacea treatment

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