Winter conjures up images of crisp white snow, frost covered grass, crackling log fires, brandy and hot toddies, but it’s a different story for some of us. The constant changing from cold to hot temperatures and back again is a nightmare for Rosacea sufferers, bringing on flushing and discomfort.

The traditional over-indulgence in alcoholic beverages at this time of year is tempting and worry some at the same time, and all those deliciously sweet and spicy Christmas treats are now anticipated with apprehension For some even an open log fire may seem like the devil in disguise!

With the increased flushing episodes that winter brings, comes increased damage to facial vessels, and for some, a worsened condition and a redder face for the New Year which can be disheartening, and hardly inspires one to make new years’ resolutions and look forward with as much optimism as others.

But do not despair! Believe it or not, there are some seasonal advantages for the Rosacea sufferer. Winter is a time of ‘hibernation’, with people dashing home after work as darkness falls increasingly early. Physiologically, our bodies are designed to be more sleepy when there are fewer daylight hours, and in general people to tend to sleep longer automatically. This is something that will benefit Rosacea sufferers because sleep is therapeutic for the adrenal glands (glands of stress), and stress is a key issue in the seemingly endless loop of highs and lows in the condition.

Here are some positives:

Winter is the best time to have regular IPL(Intense Pulsed Light Therapy) sessions at the Pulse Light Clinic. Although some may be lucky enough to have a winter break in the sun, most of us have returned to our most natural skin colour, and this is the best time to have IPL.

Winter is the best time to make dietary and lifestyle changes as (apart from the party season!) we stay at home more and socialize a little less than in the summer months. This makes a dietary programme easier to adhere to. Winter is the time to focus on your long term goal –  Rosacea control.

Here are a few guidelines to help you through winter:


Enjoy lots of lightly cooked vegetables.

Dress your vegetables with a dash of lemon juice & a drizzle of olive oil

Include oily fish such as sardines and fresh anchovies in your weekly diet.

If you do indulge in alcohol follow with plenty of water, rest and take supplemental fibre to help mop up the toxins ( for high quality, recommended supplements).