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Rosacea Nutritional Advice

Pulse Light Clinic provides a unique and comprehensive treatment for Rosacea. Rosacea exhibits typical symptoms – facial redness, sometimes visibly damaged blood vessels and small red inflammatory papules. It can start as early as the teenage years and can occur in both men and women. Pulse Light Clinic takes a unique approach in its treatment – a holistic approach that incorporates nutrition into its therapy programme.

During the thirteen years that the Fenchurch Street Clinic has been following their specialist programme, it has been found that a combination of Intense Pulsed Light therapy (IPL) with a specialized nutritional therapy programme have achieved astounding results with this uncomfortable and sometimes distressing condition.

Previous options for Rosacea sufferers have been less than effective, including long-term use of antibiotics. Non-laser IPL Photo-rejuvenation is a safe non-invasive system, using highly controlled flashes of pulsed light targeting the red haemoglobin in the offending blood vessels. The vessels must be targeted on different levels of the skin during each session. A thorough examination is given to accurately assess the client’s needs.

The Pulse Light Clinic client will also be introduced to a nutritionist who specializes in Rosacea, and complete two comprehensive questionnaires; one about their general health, symptoms, diet and lifestyle, the other specifically about digestive function. Each individual has a unique biochemistry, so it is important that their Nutritional Therapy programme is tailored for their personal requirements. They then follow a customized plan that runs alongside a course of IPL sessions.

By choosing the correct foods, eliminating foods that exacerbate the condition, supporting those bodily systems that are non-optimum, flushing can be reduced and sometimes even eliminated. The diet needs to provide the essential nutrients in order to support repair and strengthening of the small red blood vessels once flushing is reduced. The human body has vast potential to self-heal, given the right internal environment and correct nutrients. There is very often an underlying digestive problem of one kind or another which impedes the body’s uptake of such nutrients and these need to be recognised and rectified for long term benefits.

Because toxins contribute extensively to inflammation, and Rosacea is an inflammatory condition, following a sensible, case-appropriate detoxification programme has great potential to improve the condition and help prevent its progression to a chronic stage.

The combination of specialist clinical application of Nutritional Therapy and highly experienced IPL therapy ensures that Pulse Light Clinic provides a treatment solution that really works across the full gamut of Rosacea symptoms with excellent results.