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Rosacea NHS Treatments Were “Ineffective”

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Rosacea NHS Treatments Were “Ineffective” for 84% of Sufferers New Survey Reveals!

Pulse Light Clinic issued a survey to Rosacea sufferers as part of their ongoing research into the condition. They wanted to know what treatments Rosacea sufferers found effective for their Rosacea. The survey participants were aged between 20 and 60 years of age and comprised 47% men and 53% women.

The results revealed some rather surprising statistics:

37% of survey participants did not consider or attempt to visit their GP for Rosacea treatment.

The remaining 63% of Rosacea sufferers had tried treatments recommended by their GP or NHS consultant and of those, a staggering 84% stated that the prescription treatments were not effective.

80% of those surveyed had tried IPL therapy to treat their Rosacea and a staggering 92% of that group said that IPL worked for them.

Similarly, 80% of those surveyed had also used Nutritional Therapy, prescribed by a qualified practitioner, and 92% of the Nutritional Therapy group stated it was effective.

The unequivocal conclusion, decided by Rosacea sufferers themselves, is that a combination of IPL and Nutritional Therapy is the most effective treatment for Rosacea. Pulse Light Clinic have 20 years of experience in treatment skin conditions and you can book a free consultation to discuss your treatment plan further.