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Welcome to Pulse Light Clinic’s dedicated Centre for Semi-Permanent Makeup Removal, where we provide expert solutions to carefully reverse unwanted cosmetic enhancements, assuring personalised attention and successful outcomes for our clientele.

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Semi-Permanent Make-Up Laser Removal Clinic

Eyebrow or hairline tattooing using a needle or microblade, has become increasingly popular over the years. Here at Pulse light Clinic we have been removing makeup tattoos for over 10 years. Book in to see our laser removal experts of Pulse Light Clinic at the London Bank clinic.


  • 4 laser tattoo removal machines to choose from.
  • Every wavelength available on the market to remove all ink colours.
  • Suitable for all skin types when treating black and some brown ink.
  • Partial removal available- very accurate treatments.
  • Dedicated practitioner for this treatment, Marianna at the Bank clinic
  • Over 10 years experience removing permanent and semi permanent tattoos.
  • Lighten in as little as one session*.

Permanent Makeup Removal

Originally permanent ink was used, much like a standard tattoo removal, with around 12 layers of ink and rarely fading. This commonly was black ink and often turned a blue green colour over time. Permanent eyebrow ink takes as long as a tattoo does to remove, as it’s much deeper in the skin than microblading and uses tattoo ink rather than pigment. This typically takes around 6 sessions to remove with a Pico laser and is very successful. This is commonly used for beauty spots too.
The estimate for sessions increases if you have had a top up of ink at any time.

The Introduction of Semi Permanent Makeup

In recent years cosmetic eyebrow tattoos and makeup have become more popular, with the introduction of microblading, where pigment rather than ink is scratched into the skin in short strokes using a needle (for an ombre effect) or blade. This more natural approach represents a fine stroke of hair rather than a block of colour. What’s more, with the introduction of microblading, the tattoo is more superficial in the skin and a wider array of pigments are used to create more natural looking hair strokes, to match the clients hair colour.

Semi Permanent Makeup Tattoos

Semi permanent makeup tattoos usually fade in 1-3 years depending on the depth of the pigment and your body’s elimination of the particles. To create light or dark brown eyebrows, many permanent makeup tattoos contain red pigment from oxide minerals and these are often the last to fade.
These colours can be harder to conceal with makeup and many clients come in to remove the orange traces left behind. With the variety of lasers we have at Pulse Light Clinic we can easily remove red and orange pigment on fairer skin types using our Picoway (link new page) 532 nm laser. Occasionally paradoxical darkening of the red/ orange pigment can occur after lasering and become grey-black in colour. When this occurs we would then switch at the following sessions to the 1064 nm laser to hit the darker pigment.

For darker ink colours such as black and brown we have the Picoway 1064 nm and the Picosure and Picosure pro 755 nm lasers. All of these harness the effectiveness of picosecond technology to remove pigment, faster and more effectively, with less damage to the surrounding skin than standard lasers.

At your consultation and skin test, Marianna our specialist will assess your semi permanent makeup and conclude, based on your skin type, the pigment and the depth, which laser(s) will be better suited to you. Due to the reaction of the pigment and the fact it can oxidise, it’s very common that semi – permanent make up changes colour between sessions. Usually the darker pigment is targeted first, revealing the orange pigment which is then in turn removed with a different laser. Re-treatment can be conducted from 4-8 weeks to then handle this colour change. Please be patient and be aware that this is part of the process. Makeup can be worn to conceal this once the tattoo has healed (2-5 days).

Laser Removal Semi Permanent Makeup

Removing semi permanent makeup is much easier than a permanent tattoo. If the brows are old or already faded they can go in as little as one session*! Some clients may still require up to 6* sessions if for example, it’s a newer semi permanent tattoo (as more ink will be present), a cover up, a variety of pigments have been used or if the artist has pressed heavily when inserting the ink (as this will have left more layers in the skin). A skin test that is conducted before your sessions begin will help to estimate the amount of sessions it will take to remove your semi permanent makeup*.

*Please note, estimates are not guarantees, as every tattoo, depth, pigment, skin type and body health varies, we cannot give any guarantee on the amount of sessions needed to remove your pigment or tattoo.

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Semi Permanent Make-Up Laser Removal FAQ's

Will I see results after one session?

Possibly, as most semi permanent tattoos are superficial some can even lighten on the skin test. They can also change colour at the skin test- so be prepared! The Picosure, Picosure Pro, Picoway or Revlite might be tested at your consultation.

I only want to remove part of my eyebrow tattoo as I’m not happy with the shape, is that possible?

Yes, It is common for us to remove the tail, arch or centre of the brows if they are too heavy or you are not happy with the shape or length.

Will I lose hair if I laser my eyebrow tattoo?

We do have to put this on the possible side effects, however it has never happened in clinic with any of our clients to date. It is unlikely the laser will reach the depth of the bulb of the hair as the ink/pigment will sit above it in the dermis. The hair can blanch - temporarily and whiten if the ink being treated is underneath, but this is only temporary. The hair is moved out of the way during the treatment to minimise interaction with the laser.

How often is the treatment?

Between 1- 6 sessions. Marianna will estimate* at your consultation.

Will my eyebrows change colour?

This is a possibility, yes, the ink can oxidise and then needs to be treated with a different laser at the following session. Eventually the ink will clear, revealing your natural skin tone.

When can I have more semi permanent makeup on my eyebrows?

Many artists ask their clients to lighten the tattoo first before recovering, especially for a shape change or to lift a heavy colour. You can choose to lighten or fully remove the semi permanent make up. Whichever choice you make you can re tattoo the skin from 6-8 weeks after your final laser session. Ask Marianna after your session for specific guidance.

Do you remove lip blush or lip tattoos or Areola?

No not at this stage, the water content in the lip is very high and it typically turns black after laser leaving it harder to conceal between sessions. For Areola, if the pigment has not been mixed with white ink we can remove it on fairer skin types with our Picoway 532 nm laser.

What is more effective to remove microblading, saline solution or laser ?

Laser will only target the pigment avoiding the surrounding tissue and heal within days, possibly up to a week. Saline solution is very aggressive and damages all of the skin, sometimes requiring weeks of healing time. This reduces frequency of treatment and can also lead to scarring if performed too aggressively or too frequently.

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