Anti Cellulite

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There are many different factors which influence the anti-cellulite fight. But here are some of my key anti-cellulite tips for you. Each factor has many more details that can be looked into but this is my summary, I hope it helps!


The first anti-cellulite tip I can give you is to avoid at all costs sitting for too long a time. If your job is sedentary then make sure you get up and have an occasional stretch throughout the day. Even try and take a walk during lunch time, or on your way to or from work. Blood circulation is bad when you do not move enough, and this is a big factor in cellulite formation.


Exercise that focuses on building muscle and giving your body some cardio is one of the best methods of attack against cellulite. This is partly because toned muscle is much less likely to show any cellulite. Cardio is an important anti-cellulite factor because the dull skin tone around cellulite is caused by poor blood circulation. Any cardio can get that blood pumping and that cellulite fading.


Though being fat or slim is not actually the reason for cellulite, your diet is still important. Correct dieting combined with exercise can help… but crash diets on the other hand actually can have a negative effect on cellulite, making it more obvious and noticeable as it is not a healthy option for the body. Certain foods can aid in circulation and of course staying hydrated is always vital.


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