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How to Reduce Face Rosacea

Face Rosacea is more often than not a harmless cosmetics condition but it sometimes can be a sign of more severe health problems. For this reason it is recommended you always see a doctor or nutritionist concurrent to any symptom handlings done on your face rosacea.

Face Rosacea is an uncomfortable and often embarrassing condition. It affects women four times as much as men and is more likely to afflict people with pale skin. Its severity can range from light redness to full permanent redness with pustules.

If you are doing everything you can from a health perspective but those symptoms are just not subsiding then you need some handling for that face rosacea from the cosmetic angle.

There are various handlings out there for face rosacea: creams, IPL and change in nutrition are the most common. Here at Pulse Light Clinic we have been treating Face Rosacea for over 15 years and found IPL to be very successful.

Some people have been put off by no results from IPL in the past but here is why we are different. The simplicity is that face rosacea is a medical condition and it can’t be handled by under-qualified laser practitioners just giving you some zaps and hoping for the best. Your treatment here at pulse light clinic will be done by a highly qualified IPL specialist and you will have a tailor made programme made for you and adjusted as needed to always make sure that you are getting the results you need. We have been able to get results where other clinics have not and we want you to be able to see those results too.

For more information on IPL as a face rosacea remedy click here, where you can find out more information, a before and after photo gallery and a video showing you how the treatment works.