Get Rid of Cellulite

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Get Rid of Cellulite

Getting rid of cellulite easily is a dream we have all wished for. If periods, pregnancy, menopause, flabby bits and getting wrinkles wasn’t enough we have to have cellulite as a natural part of our bodies too!

From a health perspective there is nothing wrong with cellulite, it is only the lower levels of fat peeking up through the skins connective tissue and 90% of women have it. These fat clusters pushing up through the tissue is what creates the dimply appearance. It also decreases the blood flow to the area and that can cause a change in skin colour and texture.

So if health is not an issue then it really is just our dislike for how cellulite looks. Whether it is on our bum or thighs it doesn’t exactly make you want to bare all. It can lower confidence and cause women to have a self-conscious feeling about themselves when it is just not necessary.

Cellulite can be created or made worse by several environmental factors, these are some you should be avoiding:

Sedentary Lifestyle

If you have an office job or find yourself sitting down for many hours of the day this could be contributing to your cellulite. So try getting up every half an hour and having a stretch or a walk around. I bet you will find it is good for more than just getting rid of your cellulite.


Smoking in fact makes cellulite worse because it decreases the flow of blood around your body and decreases the body’s creation of collagen. This means that the skin can stretch more and those bits of underlying fat will show through more easily and with the decreased blood flow you will get dull, uneven looking skin.

Crash Diets

Avoid crash diets! You may think, ah if I lose some fat fast that cellulite will start to disappear but in fact it is the opposite. On many of these crash diets you in fact lose muscle as well as fat. And that muscle is what helps keep your bum, hips and thighs look smooth ad toned. Lose that muscle and you will suddenly be able to see more of that cellulite.


So the best advice for getting rid of cellulite is quit smoking, have a healthy balanced diet, keep yourself active AND add some cardio into your life!