Morpheus8 Vs. Microneedling: All You Need To Know

Morpheus8 Vs. Microneedling: All You Need To Know

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Morpheus8 Vs. Microneedling: All You Need To Know

Pre 2020 most of us hadn’t yet heard of Morpheus8 treatment. The likes of Judy Murray, Kim Kardashian, Lindsey Lohan and Jessica Simpson have shot it to fame in the celebrity world, and we know if they are having it then they must be on to something!

What is Morpheus8 ?

Microneedling has been around for decades, but in recent years, since much of the aesthetic technology has been developed, manufacturers are looking for new and inventive ways to introduce new treatments. Much of what we are seeing today is combination treatments. Previously aesthetic providers had to purchase multiple machines and combine them on a client to reach the desired result. Morpheus8 is the next step in combining microneedling with Radio Frequency (RF) for a dual treatment, to enhance results and save time.

Microneedling benefits

Devices such as Dermapen typically reach from 0.25mm- 3.5mm in to the skin
Successful treatment for pigmentation, acne scarring, stretch marks and rejuvenation
Heals fast only minor redness for 24 hours
Minimal aftercare
Suitable for all skin types
Typically 12 needles in each shot
Smaller pen like head easy to get in to tight areas
Stimulates collagen and elastin
Different products can be used to enhance the treatment
6-12 treatments are recommended

Morpheus8 benefits

Face treatments can reach up to 4mm
Body treatments can reach up to 8mm with a medic
Lifts and tightens the skin, helps with fat reduction as well as reducing stretch marks, acne scarring, ageing, skin laxity
Insulated needles provide the ability for RF to reach deeper in the skin
Burst mode applies a triple pulse in one shot for a more thorough treatment for collagen stimulation
24 needles penetrate with each shot
Removes stubborn fat tissue
Downtime is 24-48 hours, you may experience redness and swelling
3 sessions are recommended

How do I choose?

If you are looking for a treatment for the face or body for pigmentation and pores then either treatment could work well for you as these issues are quite superficial.

The advantages of choosing Morpheus laser is that you can reach far deeper into the skin. As well as micro lesions Morpheus is also using heat damage at 3 depths boosting collagen far more effectively than a standard microneedling system could.

If you are looking to destroy fat tissue and tighten and snatch the jaw or body or reduce cellulite, then only Morpheus 8 could achieve results.

Morpheus8 before and afters can show results in as little as one session, microneedling would typically take longer to show results

Are there any RF skin tightening dangers?

Generally the heat used in a Morpheus facial will only cause slight swelling, bruising and redness. It is a safe treatment that can even be used close to the eyes for rejuvenation and brightening.

Most of the side effects subside in 24-48 hours. You may still see minute micro lesions very lightly on the skin for a week or so whilst the marks from the needles disappear.

For the body, if you were to undergo fat reduction and skin tightening, you may see swelling and then redness for a week or more. The body will take longer to heal from the treatment, face treatments will be more superficial. It is recommended to use hyaluronic acid serum with clean hands after treatment and avoid anything that could clog the pores. Whilst also avoiding heat, saunas, makeup and exercise for 2 days post treatment. If you’re in London and surrounding areas, consider booking a free consultation at Pulse Light Clinic to explore your options.