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Real People, True Results: Acne Treatment Henry

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Acne Treatment – Henry

Acne can affect anyone at any age and have an overall negative impact on our confidence and self-image. Henry was determined to make a change when it came to this acne and the effect it was having on his day-to-day life. He had been “doing his fair share of research as anyone who would be feeling insecure about their face and their acne” when he found Pulse Light Clinic.

Henry stated that he was “passionate about wanting to make a change in his life”. His acne had been othering his for some time, and while looking for acne treatment, he found us. After he took a look at our website, he felt “safe and secure. The site was nicely laid out, and he thought he would book a free consultation”. So, he travelled to London, where he met one of our highly trained practitioners. Henry met with one of our “lovely girls who took him through steps and exactly what he needed to do to treat his acne”.

Henry had a bespoke treatment, which is a speciality here at Pulse Light Clinic, as our expert practitioners will often recommend a combination of treatments to produce the best results for our clients. He was “treated acne with three different machines. It started with LED phototherapy, which treated the skin from underneath and helped with all the breakouts. Then IPL to help with all redness – then Lase MD to dry out the skin and treat all of the pigmentations.

Henry kindly stated that it is “hard to find a place where you feel not like part of the family, but you feel respected and very welcome when you enter”. And this was a recurring theme throughout his consultation and all of his treatments.

The treatments have made a gargantuan difference. Henry declares, “I go outside now I am very confident… it is nice to feel confident in communicating not just with my friends but with other people. It is nice to feel confident in communicating, and family members have seen an impact on my self-confidence and doing things I wasn’t doing. It is inspiring to feel confident in myself and my body.”

In Henry’s words, “the small things make a big difference. I have already recommended Pulse Light Clinic to a few friends who are struggling with acne on their face and insecurities like that because even though it’s nothing major, it is those small things that make a big difference.”