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Real People, True Results: Pigmentation Chrissie

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Pigmentation Removal

Chrissie as an actress, does a lot of filming, and her skin goal is to look flawless, although she noticed that pigmentation was one of those things that, even with makeup, was quite hard to cover up.

She has been concerned about the freckles on her face for years, and it was essential for her to have an even skin tone. So she found Pulse Light Clinic and booked a free consultation for pigmentation treatment with one of our practitioners, who recommended treating her skin with the PicoWay laser.

Following her consultation, she had a lot of time to think about her treatment choices, so she has been recommended three treatments of PicoWay, one month apart for every session. Each time, she felt very comfortable both before and after the session. In addition, she found the aftercare to be explained to her by our practitioners very patiently, and during the whole process, she felt happy.

Chrissie felt the treatment was uncomfortable compared to other treatments she had in the past, although she thinks it was tolerable even though she has a low pain threshold. However, she never felt during the treatment to stop the process even though the practitioner had offered her to slow down if she couldn’t tolerate the pain.

She feels much more comfortable in her skin now, with or without makeup, and it’s a noticeable difference that many of her friends have noticed when they see her in daylight, as her skin tone is a lot more even.

Chrissie would definitely recommend Pulse Light Clinic because she has been to many clinics before, and sometimes she does feel a bit rushed in making her decisions or that they don’t have her best interest at heart; however, in our clinic, she felt that all her worries and concerns had been addressed, she has been rushed and was able to make a very informed decision. Something that gave her a lot of confidence.