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Thread vein laser removal – Pulse Light Clinic

Laser removal treatment can be a great long-term solution to those suffering from thread or spider veins. In just a few fast and easy treatments, you could wave goodbye to those ugly reddish-purple lines forever.

It really couldn’t be easier – a single treatment can take as little as 20 minutes and you’ll need no down time – you can go about your day -to -day business as soon as you’re finished.

Thread vein removal treatments we offer

We offer laser vein removal treatments for several types of thread vein, including:

  • Leg spider veins
  • Facial spider veins
  • Leg varicose veins
  • Campbell de Morgan spot removal
  • Blue/purple leg thread vein removal, for veins up to 4mm wide
  • Thread vein, spider vein and varicose vein removal for nose, cheeks, arms, legs, chest and back

How laser thread vein removal treatment works


Laser light energy, targeted onto the vein, simply coagulates the vessel causing it to turn darker, or grey in colour. If the problem is mild or the vein only small, sometimes you could see this happen right in front of your eyes!

Treatment can take as little as 15-45 minutes per session, with small red veins being cleared in just one treatment. Deeper or larger veins may take as many as three to five sessions before results can be seen.

At Pulse Light Clinic we use the gold standard of thread vein removal lasers, the mixed modality laser. This leaves skin smoother and more evenly-toned, and makes treatment both rapid and easy. This is because one laser is used to target the pigment, while the other focuses on tightening the skin. It’s also less painful and has lower risk of side effects.

Call Pulse Light Clinic today for more information about our thread vein laser removal treatment options, or to book your initial consultation.