What causes thread veins?

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What causes thread veins?

Thread veins, those pesky red or purple lines that appear on the skin, usually develop as we get older – this is because our skin and blood vessels become more elastic and the valves inside the veins begin to weaken. As this happens, blood flows back into the vein.

As blood, like everything else, flows downhill, thread veins are most commonly found in the legs. As well as aging, the condition can occur during pregnancy or menopause due to hormonal changes, as the amount of blood in the body increases significantly which puts more pressure on the veins and the valves.

Thread veins can also be caused by being overweight, too much exposure to the sun or wind, exposure to extreme changes in temperature, radiotherapy or some other medications. Thread veins can also be inherited and sometimes run in families.

Are thread veins bad for my health?

Not usually – people who have thread veins usually don’t have any associated medical conditions. There are several ways you can prevent thread veins or reduce your chances of getting them, these include:

  • Exercise both keeps weight under control and increases blood circulation around the body. Even a gentle walk can help keep your circulatory system working well for longer and reduce your blood pressure
  • Keep moving. Standing in one place for too long increases pressure in your legs and feet and can weaken the walls of the blood vessels. If you have to sit for long periods, never cross your legs.
  • Avoid high oestrogen birth control pills, these can cause problems with the circulatory system
  • Try to at least occasionally elevate your legs while sitting or sleeping, which puts less pressure on the weak valves and encourages blood to flow back to the heart

Thread veins are also very treatable with laser removal treatment an effective option. For more information or to book a consultation, call Pulse Light Clinic today or visit our thread removal page.